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  1. bkleinsmid

    I need help with a gun issue.

    Try gunbroker.com to see a huge variety of .223's. Over the years I have bought 8 guns and sold two with them. Brad
  2. bkleinsmid

    Want it to be safe

    If you want to do Reinhard's ground and formed bacon recipe, order Curley's mix. What you have is for another use...... B~
  3. bkleinsmid

    Looking for sources for exotic meat. Any good online sources?

    Hey Rob........ I have bought from these guy's a few times. Not cheap but good quality...... http://www.exoticmeatmarkets.com/
  4. bkleinsmid

    Pineapple bratwursts...

    Len Poli lists at least two recipes that use Pineapple. One uses Pineapple juice and the other uses Pineapple flavoring if that helps at all....... Brad
  5. bkleinsmid

    Bb ribs cut into 3rds.

    Lenny.........are you thinking cutting the racks "between" the bones or "lengthwise"? I have cut both spares and babies lengthwise many times to us as little finger foods at parties and BBQ's. Smoke them as normal and then cut between to bones to serve. Brad
  6. bkleinsmid

    Wild Hogs

    For about 8 years I had access to wild hogs from Central Cali and Northern coast line Cali. Back in those days we could take all we wanted for free as we were doing the rancher a favor. I don't care for summer hogs......they are a bit gamey when they are eating summer foods. But the winter and...
  7. bkleinsmid

    A.C. legg snack stick seasoning

    njt124........in my smoker I make my links about 36" long and hang them over a 5/8" dowel.....giving me about 18" on each side of the stick. I have been told that the meat won't slide out of the casings but I try them anyway using butcher or kitchen twine (cotton twine). B~
  8. bkleinsmid

    A.C. legg snack stick seasoning

    Dave........your memory may be fading but you are still quick on the trigger......you got here first. I order this #116 from Ask The Meatman........have for a number of years. I get it as a kit.....postage is included in the price. And cure has always come with it. "IF"  I add anything to the...
  9. bkleinsmid

    First Wild Turkey Preparation

    What I have found with the 20 something wild turkey's I have harvested over the years, is cut the leg quarters off and cook separately from the breasts. They are "runners' and the legs are tuff. I smoke them and use in soup or beans for flavor. There is only 2 in this house also so I cut the...
  10. bkleinsmid

    Jeff's Original Rub vs the New Texas Rub

    Hey Mark......... If you already bought the two recipes, the third one is free. Just PM Jeff and he will send it to you. B~
  11. bkleinsmid

    Vote for Best Electric Smoker

    I can't say anything about a Smokin-It as I have never used one. But I can agree with Mr T.....my Cookshack is 14 years old and still gets used every week (well, most weeks). It has been my "go to" for a long time........and I have 6 smokers to choose from. No addiction here.....really.......lol...
  12. bkleinsmid

    Piri Piri Wings

    Those look amazing. I will give that recipe a run later in the week...... Thanks, Brad
  13. bkleinsmid

    Sausage rail?

    Dan...... I drilled two holes and added eye bolts down the length of the tank. Then found a 1/2" S/S rod to put through the eyes. I have also seen free standing racks that sit on the bottom grate. Brad
  14. bkleinsmid

    I don't know how to spell connundrum, but I'm officially in one

    Sorry Buddy........any way you go, you are wrong..... Try making at least one good meal out of some of it and hope she calms down.
  15. bkleinsmid

    Tough Question! Best Snack Stick Recipe?

    Adam...... #116 is my go to as well. So many little things can be added to that base.......or just by it's self. Brad
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