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    Selling BBQ/Trademark Question?

    First, welcome to the forum. I think it might depend on local laws.  I know recently some vendors at a local farmers market that were selling sauces/jams and other things to eat had to shut down because the local authorities said they had to list ingredients in what they sold.  That being said...
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    New member from Illinois, just outside of Chicago

    Welcome.  Nice looking smoker you have there.  You should be able to do some serious damage with that bad boy.
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    New Member & New Smoker

    Dan, welcome to the forum.  You'll find a ton of information here and helpful members as well. As a Newbie, be sure to check out Jeff's 5-Day E-Course on smoking.  It's a great foundation of knowledge for you to get started. Curt.
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    New member here! Need some help on cinder build.

    First, welcome to the forum. What metal are you planning on using?  Stainless, cold rolled steel, aluminum? Curt.
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    Cleaning grates??

    I clean mine - or to be more accurate, my wife cleans them.  That's the deal, I do the cooking and she does the cleaning.
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    Newbie from the Ozarks

    Welcome Cathy.  Though I live in California I was born in Springfield so I have some of that Ozark blood in my veins.  Sign up for the 5 day e-course on this site for the basics and then go from there.  Good luck with the pork loin.
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    Hello from the Bay Area

    Rich, nice to have another NorCal smoker in the house even if you did take the long road to get here.  Sign up for the 5 day e-course to get the basics down and then get smoking something!  Our weather is perfect right now. Curt.
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    Joining from Cali

    Patrick, Welcome to another Cali smoker in the house. Like some of the previous posts I have the Maverick dual remote thermometer which is really handy to keep track of the temps in the chamber.  I also have a small digital pocket thermometer from the Thermapen folks that I use to quickly...
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    Checking in from SoCal

    Gary, Welcome to another California smoker to the family - even if you are on the wrong half of the state! . This is a great place to hang out, learn a little and share your stories.
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    Smoking Chicken

    Chicken is different from pork or beef in that the "low and slow" method doesn't work very well.  The skin is gray and rubbery if the temperature is too low.  I smoke mine at 350 to 375 for 2 1/2 to 3 hours for a whole bird.  I like to get the breast to around 165F before pulling it out.  Also I...
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    Newbie From Northern California

    Welcome and nice to see another NorCal smoker on the forum.  
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    New Here - From San Francisco

    Eric, Always nice to have another NorCal smoker in the house.  This is a great spot to learn, share and enjoy.  Welcome!
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    some Chops for dinner -Qview

    Those look real tasty.  What was the total cook time?
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    Watch out tainted chicken in Washington, Oregon, California

    Saw this on the morning news, checked what we had and we're good but a bit scary.  Take care.
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    Newbie - Bay Area California

    Welcome.  Always nice to have a NorCal smoker and especially a Bay Area smoker on the team.
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