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  1. bernie

    Frying Turkey

    awesome! cant wait to see them
  2. bernie

    Frying Turkey

    mm that looks good!
  3. bernie

    Frying Turkey

    I've never ever had deep-fried turkey though i've heard so much about it. The wife and I just recently bought a home so I'm finally getting all the toys I want :) I cant wait to try it come thanksgiving, gotta search for recipes and stuff!
  4. bernie

    Frying Turkey

    Im thinking about picking up this one here: http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/st...009000_325-9-0 It's pretty cheap, $39 or so and i figure i can make a mean veal stock with the stock pot when i'm not frying stuff up :)
  5. bernie

    Frying Turkey

    This is probably the wrong forum for this and I apologize if I'm wrong for asking this here but does anyone have any suggestions on a good turkey fryer? With thanksgiving coming up I was thinking about getting one. :) I've seen the charbroil big-easy NO OIL infrared turkey cookers--any opinion...
  6. bernie

    Big project! Help! :)

    Well Sunday's the big day. I'm doing 15 baby back ribs and wanted to make sure I got all the information I needed before I screw something up!! I'm using Jeff's rub and Jeff's sauce and am going after "falling off the bone" ribs. I'm thinking about using the 2-2-1 method but had a couple of...
  7. bernie

    Question about Prime Rib

    I went to restaurant depot in search of a rib roast but all they had was a whole ribeye. Is that the same cut + what I use to make prime rib?
  8. bernie

    Woods For Smoking

    anyone ever try a mixture of pecan + walnut?
  9. bernie

    Jeff's Rub

    Hey everyone! I decided to buy Jeff's rub and noticed when reading the recipe that it doesn't call for using mustard on the ribs and he also doesn't wrap+refrigerate the ribs overnight. I'm doing baby backs next week and was wondering if anyone has used this recipe and what their thoughts +...
  10. bernie

    Help! Baby back ribs!

    they turned out just right, thanks everyone! I'd post some pics but I ate them all before i had a chance lol, here's a pic of the chicken i smoked :)
  11. bernie

    Pecan and Walnut Wood in Socal

    Does anyone know where I can find some pecan and walnut chunks in SoCal? Preferably in the Orange County area :)
  12. bernie

    Help! Baby back ribs!

    ok thanks! got em in foil w/ a little apple juice let's see what happens :)
  13. bernie

    Help! Baby back ribs!

    Has anyone ever had to do 3-2-1 method for pork baby back ribs instead of 2-2-1? I bought some pork baby back ribs from the Ralphs near my house (they were on display and pretty dry) and have them in my smoker right now. They've been going for about 2-2.5 hours now and still no pullback...
  14. bernie

    How often do you add more chips/chunks?

    Thanks! I pulled it 150 like you suggested and i used a taylor probe, you should be able to see it in the 3rd pic
  15. bernie

    How often do you add more chips/chunks?

    Finally flattened out the tabs on the side vents and closed them: Added a temporary thermometer where the stock one should be (stock was broken): Pork tenderloin, marinated it 24 hours in some asian marinade, this is at about 135 F: Finished product: ----- First off, I'm totally stoked...
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