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  1. beertender

    Chicken Fried Bacon

    Mmmm.... fat cooked in fat, and then dipped in fat. Might have to put it on buttered toast to. I've got to try it.
  2. beertender

    Brinkman vs. Chargriller

    One other thing on the BSKD, if it's like the New Braunfels true twin, is that it is a fuel hog. But other than that I love mine. I have one of the original NB's with the heavier steel and it's been through a flood that went up past the firebox and sat around the backyard for awhile while we did...
  3. beertender

    Vegans shun sex with carnivores says researcher

    Isn't it called "morning wood" ? Where's the tree huggers now ? I can give them directions.
  4. beertender

    High Temp Cheese?

    I've never heard that term before and did a search for it. I can't believe one would stay solid up to 400 degrees. It was a cheddar. I figure the more "solid" or "crumbly" types would be high temp. Wow I learn something new everyday around here.
  5. beertender

    I'm depressed!

    If you're in Az gimme the heads up too. I'm in Houston. It's rained everyday but about 9 in the last month and a 1/2. I need to wash my car so bad that I think it put on another 100#s. I open the sunroof and can't tell it's open. This has been one messed up summer.
  6. beertender

    A Question about being asked to cook for someone else.

    If all else fails you can always explain or write down the "how" part. His preference of seasoning could be up to him/her. Whats that saying? Teach a man to fish.......Or just point them in the direction of this site. Alot of good info here.
  7. beertender

    Lockin' Up My Computer

    Try this, free and it works well. http://www.bitdefender.com/scan8/ie.html
  8. beertender

    have you ever q-ed a cake?

    I found a recipe for a Moonshiners Cake on another site I hit. Only problem is the cooking temps don't work with the temps we smoke at. But the recipe looked good. I'll post it if you want it.
  9. beertender

    Smoked onions??

    Try doing the same with a small cabbage. I haven't tried it yet but all the pics I've seen of them looked amazing.
  10. beertender

    Crab Legs???

    I saw Alton Brown do shrimp like this, wonder if it would work the same with the legs ? http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/reci..._36832,00.html
  11. beertender

    looking for help

    I have the same pit and I love it. I agree though get the Maverick ET 73. You won't regret it. I'll PM you with the other site you mentioned. They have a list of mods for the NB Smoker and the Brinkmann that is the mirror image of it.
  12. beertender

    Rain, Rain and more Rain

    Pouring down here in Houston too. 4th day in a row. Looks like spaghetti tonight. Theres been way too much big lightning and thunder to be Qin in the rain around here. Stay dry !
  13. beertender

    Wood ID

    The leaves look right for birch but from what I found online the bark is different. Most seem to have a white look. This one is brown all over. Someone on my fishing forum said maybe an ash. I'm about to go look that one up too.
  14. beertender

    How's this for a newbie question?

    It's an upright smoker like the Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe. So it's just a burn off not a cooking.
  15. beertender

    SMokin' Chicken!

    Yeah I should have done higher heat...skin needed it. Atleast I learned something else in here. Thanks for the help.
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