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    Where to buy BBQ containers?!

    try EBAY you can find anything and everything there you can buy them indivdual or by the case
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  3. beagleboy

    grillzilla got up to 300 degrees

    she sure enough turned out to be a project but I should make back what  I put into with the first two functions I'll caiter hopefuy or by the roadside selling ribs & chicken
  4. beagleboy

    grillzilla got up to 300 degrees

    actually the temps are even all the way across becuase of the floor once it heats up thats it what ever it is at the fire box end the other end is not that far off temperature wise
  5. beagleboy

    grillzilla got up to 300 degrees

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! we got jokes keep them coming there pretty funny had to take a little break from building Grillzilla hope to be sand blasting and painting her soon will post more pics when I get to that stage, thanks for all of your comments and feed back
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  9. beagleboy

    New guy from Dc

    Thanks for the warm reception family grillzilla is about 95 % done , about to get her ready for sand blasting
  10. beagleboy

    Spring Closures **Where to find??**

    I'm a bit late dont know if you found the item you were looking for its not really a spring its called a toggle clamp its a fixed clamp that hold downward pressure you can find them on Ebay they cost around5 dollars hope this helps you also Harbor Freight carry them
  11. beagleboy

    grillzilla got up to 300 degrees

    only one problem i have to go back and modify  the firebox door it warp on me and the hinges are'nt holding up to well
  12. beagleboy

    New guy from Dc

    Hello SMF family I'm in the Washigton Dc area have'nt seen many people in my area into smoking or building pits  
  13. beagleboy

    Church Fundraiser...Portion Sizes / Amounts

    what exactly is your menu I do fun raisers for our youth ministry we serve beef briskets ,chicken,pork ribs and fried fish and five side dishes we serve everything in the styrofoam to to go platters
  14. beagleboy

    grillzilla got up to 300 degrees

    thanks for the positive feedback you guys are giving the fire box is 40" wide 32" deep and 28" high I sparked it up Monday and got it up to 200 degrees all the way across and i did'nt weld everything up tight yet i have to make a couple of modifications but its better than first fire box I had...
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