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    Favorite widely available bourbon or whiskey

    I'm mostly a Scotch guy. My favorites right now are both peated and sherry finished, with Talisker Distiller's Edition and Ardbeg Uigeadail at the top of my list. For bourbon, I generally go with Wild Turkey 101. To me, it's a well balanced, classic bourbon flavor that's a decent price...
  2. BBQ Bird

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    One other thing to check is to make sure your fan turns off when you open the hopper lid. If the fan is running with the lid open, it will help push flames up the hopper stack.
  3. BBQ Bird

    Which gravity smoker?

    Love my 800. As others said before, it does use a lot of charcoal, but for me it's worth it. Only had one grease fire and it was when searing a steak at 600 degrees. Since then I make sure to clean out the manifold and grease trap prior to cooking if I'm going to go above 500 degrees...
  4. BBQ Bird

    Bourbon, Whiskey News, and Covid

    I second the recommendation for Finlaggen. To me, it's like BBQ ribs in a bottle. Most online whiskey forums believe it's a young Caol Isla (probably around 6 years old). Definitely one of the best deals available. Never had Scarabus, but have heard good things about it.
  5. BBQ Bird

    Bourbon, Whiskey News, and Covid

    I've been moving into the peated scotch realm myself. I started with just lightly peated versions like Highland Park, then a little more peat like Oban and Talisker. Now I'm really into peated and sherried and I'm just loving the Talisker Distillers Edition and Ardbeg Uigeadail. Never had...
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    Bourbon, Whiskey News, and Covid

    I'm in the Puget Sound area, also. The port finished bourbon from Woodinville Whiskey is one of my favorites. Even though Angel's Envy started the trend of barrel finishing bourbons, Woodinville's version is much better (in my opinion). I've become much more of a scotch drinker, and...
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    Gravity 800 temperature

    I'll be interested in hearing what Masterbuilt has to say about it.
  8. BBQ Bird

    Gravity 800 temperature

    I have an 800, and have seen that the lower rack near the firebox is usually significantly hotter than the set temp. The difference is greatest in the first hour or so, but it gets smaller over time. However, since I'm usually only cooking for two, I usually cook with the meat on the middle...
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    I have an 800 also, and there's similar creosote buildup in my hopper, too.
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    Mother Load of Honey Mushrooms!

    Hope they are what they think they are, too. Just brought back 3.5 lbs of shrooms I thought were chantrelles from the mountains NE of Seattle. Turns out they were "woolly chantrelles" (sometimes called "scaly chantrelles"). They are not true chantrelles, and can cause nausea, indigestion...
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    Anyone has interest to review Inkbird vacuum sealer for free on Amazon?

    I would be glad to review it also.
  12. BBQ Bird

    Fermented hot sauce and pickles

    Looks great. I've got a bunch of peppers from the garden and have been making unfermented hot sauces. However, I just got my fermentation lids/weights, so I'll be starting some fermentation batches this week.
  13. BBQ Bird

    Masterbuilt 800

    I got the 800 in January, and have used the griddle a handful of times, almost exclusively for smash burgers. I like it and wish I had more time to use it, but I say that about my smoker, in general.
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    Sanotize....Covid Nasal spray

    This seems pretty sketchy to me. If you look at the actual study that was published, they tested the nasal spray as a treatment for people who were already infected and had symptoms. The results showed a reduction in viral load in the nasal passages of the infected people and a reduction in...
  15. BBQ Bird

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    I have an 800 also, but haven't had an issue like you've mentioned. The only flare ups I had were early on when searing meat over 500F and hadn't cleaned the grease out from previous cooks. As others have said, I also now put a water/drip pan under meats on long cooks to help prevent grease...
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