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    Prime top sirloin roast

    Do you have a Sous vide? I’d do something low and slow like that.
  2. BB-que

    Second smoker decision

    Rec Tec BullYou won’t be sorry.
  3. BB-que


    I’ve been wanting to do these. Everyone calls them Dino bones but what cut am I actually looking for in the store Al?
  4. BB-que

    what brand sous vide

    I have a joule. It’s been great.
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    Scratch Brisket Pastrami (Q Vue)

    This was my first pastrami, which turned out excellent. Started out with a 14lb packer from Costco. Separated the flat and point and trimmed up. I took more off than usual when smoking a traditional brisket. For instance I removed the whole fat cap. Brined for 17 days in a pastrami brine...
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    Pastrami Q’s

    Hey Al, what do you think is too long before I take it out for the bath. I know you said I could go longer than 14 but how long is too long?
  7. BB-que

    Pastrami Q’s

  8. BB-que

    Pastrami Q’s

    Ok, let question so I get the most out of this beef. My plan was to brine/cure the brisket for 10 days in a pastrami brine I got from your recipe actually I believe. Problem is 10 days is falling right when we are traveling for Xmas. So my options are to take it out no longer than 7 days or...
  9. BB-que

    Pastrami Q’s

    I’m going with you Al, will let you know how it turns out. Thanks as always for the Q wisdom
  10. BB-que

    Pastrami Q’s

    Thanks Al, the guys on amazingribs Thanks Al, I understand your point. Amazingribs has a method where they Sous vide for 30 hours at 155 and then run and put smoke on it for an hour after. With your method of smoking first Al, are you looking for any particular temp before the Sous vide or...
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    Pastrami Q’s

    So I currently have a trimmed up and separated 13 lb packer in the fridges in pastrami brine that I got from this site. My plan is the 24 hr Sous vide/ smoke method. I’m going to sous vide first and then put the smoke on it. Couple of questions for the pastrami folks out there. 1. Is 10...
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    Pit Boss - Pellet Grill

    Pellet grills/smokers will change your life. Couple nights in the couch well worth it IMO
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    Looks awesome, not venison obviously, but when you do passtrami with a brisket flat I’m assuming you remove the entire fat cap from the flat - is that accurate?
  14. BB-que

    Packer seperation

    So I love cooking brisket, I’ve done probably 4 or 5 I’m the past year. I’ve settled in on hot n fast method. I do like to seperate the flat from the point about 1/2 way, and then Completely take it off once I hit the temp I want to start the burnt ends with the point. I’m getting ready to...
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    Can't keep this thing rolling

    I can tell you I have a much easier time keeping my tubes going than my maze but here’s a couple tips. Make sure your pellets are very dry, sitting outside in the summertime can even make them near unburnable. If you think they’ve been exposed to humidity, throw in the microwave for 1 minute...
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