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  1. bakerboy

    Pulled Pork

    Thanks for the reply,thought as much, just wanted it confirming, ta Graham.
  2. bakerboy

    Pulled Pork

  3. bakerboy

    Just testing a multiple photo upload

    Hi all, go to choose file and nothing happens no prompt box appears,so can't get to photos on my phone(android) pls help all the best Graham.
  4. bakerboy

    Pulled Pork

    Hi all , wot about frozen unsmoked pork once it been thawed then smoked,can it then be frozen?? All the best graham
  5. bakerboy

    Scored some free wood

    Hi all from a foggy UK, has anyone used greencage wood ( from the plum family) for smoking? If so what meats does it go well with ,I've got a whole tree logged in the boot of my 4x4, just wanted some info b4 I decide to keep or dump it. All the best Graham.
  6. bakerboy

    Need help modifying

    Clad to b of help
  7. bakerboy

    Need help modifying

    Was a cheap smoker over here for my 1st I didn't want to spend lots just incase I don't like it but I'm hooked, doing my wife's head in lol.the feet are not hinges they where inch wide strip ally that I bent to shape in a vice,the hole size was 1cm to let the ash fall out and the 4 big nut...
  8. bakerboy

    Need help modifying

    This one is of my nodded coal pan
  9. IMG_20170730_192456898.jpg


  10. bakerboy

    Need help modifying

    This pic shows my nodded pan with new feet it sits right at the bottom of my chamber.
  11. IMG_20170730_192531417.jpg


  12. bakerboy

    Need help modifying

    My whole setup
  13. IMG_20170730_192326010.jpg


  14. bakerboy

    Need help modifying

    Yep you can raise whole chamber up if there no room for feet on pan.
  15. bakerboy

    Some smoking experience but starting all over on a new rig!

    No probs, look forward to updates
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