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    Deer brat pics and a question.

    I took them out of the package, rinsed them off, soaked them in warm water for a hour, rinsed them again before putting them on the tube.
  2. 12ring

    Deer brat pics and a question.

    I made 6lbs of deer/pork brats. I bought the High Mountain brat kit from Cabela’s. I used 3 pounds of Deer, 1lb ground pork and 2lbs pork fat. The hog casings came with the kit. When we pressed the sausage I felt they were to fat. I barely held pressure on the casing while pressing. When I...
  3. 12ring

    OFG Summer Sausage, Step by Step and Video

    Good job on the summer sausage. Looks great.
  4. 12ring

    Smoked and cured brats??

    They look great.
  5. 12ring

    Jalapeño cheddar venison snack sticks.

    Do the casings come in the LEM snack stick kit? If not what kind of casings are you using? I’m just getting into sausage smoking but man i really like it.
  6. 12ring

    Elk summer sausage.

    I went big in my first ever attempt at sausage making. I made 25 pounds of elk summer sausage. 21 pounds of elk and 4 pounds of pork fat. Added green chili and cheese to the cabelas summer sausage kit. Overall I’m happy how it came out. Next time I think I’ll do 5 pounds at a time. I’ll also...
  7. 12ring

    Lay it or hang it?

    Thanks for the replies. I can’t wait to try some.
  8. 12ring

    Lay it or hang it?

    I killed a elk in September. Got a 5lb LEM stuffer for Christmas. Killed a deer last week. I can’t wait to make some summer sausage. I built a stick burner but sold my propane stick burner. I would have to build some type of hanging contraption to hang it. Can I just lay it on the rack or do...
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    Yank-a-billy vortex and wings

    They look great but how did they come out? Was the skin crispy?
  10. 12ring

    My first attempt at a build.

    This small fire is all it took to keep it at around 275 degrees. It was smoking TBS at time and other times I couldn’t see the smoke at all. I love this thing.
  11. 12ring

    My first attempt at a build.

    I didn’t even realize that I had not posted the finished pictures of my smoker. I finally finished it up and it works great. I kind F messed up the paint though. I went with flat black at first but thought I needed a semi gloss so I cane the door a coat of semi gloss. Then I realized I didn’t...
  12. 12ring

    My first attempt at a build.

    I added a thermometer port and shelf for the maverick. The door was annoyingly heavy so I added a counter weight that doubles as my door stop.
  13. 12ring

    Building my first pit

    I don’t understand how they connected.
  14. 12ring

    Building my first pit

    Nice skills with the torch. I hadn’t used one since high school machine shop so mine looked like a hacksaw blade.
  15. 12ring

    My first attempt at a build.

    Now that just need to figure out how to get this heavy bastard off the ground so I can cut off the bent casters and weld these new beasts on.
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