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Cold Smoker from a 31-Gal Trash Can (clean) and external smoke generator

This smoker was constructed with a 31-gal galvanized trash can (new), 2 small (18" ) Weber grill grates, 4 pieces of all-thread and wingnuts. The all-thread holds the grates in place and the smoke generator is outside of the trashcan. It burns pellets and a small lump of charcoal in the bottom to get it started with a propane torch. A hole is drilled in the top of can for an instant read thermometer. I used a Greenlee 7/8" chassis punch to cut the hole in the side of the can for the Smoke-Daddy generator. The air pump (comes with the Smoke Daddy) is adjustable anywhere from a "mouse-fart" to a full-blown aquarium pump. It keeps your pellets lit and breathing. Total construction cost is approximately $150 (not including the beer).

If you're cold-smoking at an ambient temperature of greater than 70 degrees F, freeze a 2-liter bottle of water solid and place it on the bottom grate, Place your cheese or fish on the top grate and fire it up.

The external smoke generator is a Smoke Daddy. The internal generator (at the bottom of the can) is A-Maze-N smoke generator. I bought both, but I can't seem to keep the A-Maze-N generator lit. I've gone with the Smoke Daddy...

This smokes cured salmon, trout, walleye, cheese like nobody's business. 1-1/2 to 2 hrs max for all.
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