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  1. I called Yoder yesterday and inquired about a pellet Smoker and the sale man came off as rude. Has anyone experience this with them?
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    I have experienced this with a custom pit maker several months ago and so i went somewhere else who valued my business more. If you are looking for a pellet grill on the high end try the Mak Grills. Google it they are pricey but you get what you pay for.

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    phatbac (Aaron)
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    It happens...No One is always there sweet perky helpful self " Everyday " on the job and Customer Service people can't be expected to be the exception. Look at the Restaurant Biz. Servers make their money by being kind, helpful, courteous, taking care of the smallest needs of the guest. A server would have to be crazy to be rude but we have all experienced terrible, rude servers on occasion. People have bad days and even bad weeks. The kids are sick and cranky, the IRS is auditing last years taxes, the dog ran away and HR shorted your pay check $200 and the mortgage is overdue...How sweet are you going to be to the 50th caller asking you the same questions?...[​IMG]...I guess I am just sympathetic having spent the last 35 years in the service industry in one form or another...JJ [​IMG]

    ME!? I'm ALWAYS sweet! Just ask my Wife...[​IMG]  
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  4. Never had a problem with Yoder or their store ATBBQ. You should probably go their ATBBQ site, it has all the options listed and makes it easy to order. Never had a problem with Don or Josh Cary. 

  5. Our experiences with Yoder and ATBBQ have always been great. Very helpful with our dumb questions.
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    I would second what JJ said. I had a great experience and have a incredible smoker in the YS640.
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    Call All Things BBQ. This is their retail store and very friendly there. I had a similar feeling when talking to the people at Yoder. I do love mine.
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    I had the opposite problem: the local dealer, one from whom I've purchased many grills and smokers, seemed to have traded real salesmen for some lazy kids. I simply could not induce them to stop watching the game on a TV and help me. I called Yoder direct, explained my problem, and was met with the greatest service possible. They answered all my questions, sent follow-up emails, shipped my YS640 promptly, and even threw in some goodies with the order.

     I don't know what's going on over at the local dealer but the Yoder factory is a class act!
  9. Update,

    I just bought my yoder from ATbbq. The website was easy an informative. Thanks for the  information.
  10. seenred

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    Congrats on the new cooker!  Those Yoders are very well made pits...I'm sure you will be very pleased with it!  Which size did you go with...480, 640, or 1500?

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    Very interested in the yoder and wondering if you guys are finding temps across the surface very even? Im guessing the new Heat Diffuser with access door is not included with the initial pricing? Did you guys purchase the direct grill grates also? Do you feel not having a integrated meat probe is an issue? Sorry for so many questions!
  12. rogerwilco

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    The right (exhaust) side of my unit tends to run hotter. This can be balanced by the adjustable damper, but I have found it necessary to slide it several inches farther in than the manual states. We did purchase the Grill Grates but have yet to use them, as any high temp grilling is just too easy to do on our BGE. As our YS640 came equipped with probe ports, and we own several remote probes, we have all the "integration" we need. The diffuser plate with the access door was not  quite available  yet when making our purchase and I would have bought it in an instant had it been offered. As it is now, I will keep using the one-piece style until something happens to it, like I throw it over the back fence :).

     All in all, we have been well pleased with the Yoder. It makes an all-night cook of a great brisket almost embarrassingly easy. And, it is our only cooker that my wife has been enthusiastic about personally learning to operate, which ain't no bad thing!
  13. They have great customer service.

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