thinking about building a smoker/grill (275 gallon Vertical ? ??)

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by stackhsc, May 14, 2015.

  1. stackhsc

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    Thinking about converting an old 275 gallon tank. Ive done some reading and searching and cant find a lot of info with my limited searching on making a self contained unit (fire box inside the tank not offset) and vertical. i was thinking about maybe putting a grate a few inches off the bottom a plate across just above 1/3 of the way up to make the fire area, then a few racks in the upper section, possibly the exhaust out the top but plumbed down inside to allow it to fill with smoke? Im new to this idea so this may be way off base and not be worth doing this way. These are just the start of the thought process.

    Open to any suggestions on if a vertical build would be worth while and functional set up sort of the way ive described. 

  2. stackhsc

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    Anything? Anyone?
  3. blacked out

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  4. I'm actually trying to find a 275 to convert into a Smoker grill combo like the 'Good One". where you can grill/smoke at the same time after you mod it correctly... It's my dreambuild and will be my last one as my wife keeps looking at my three smokers & grills and asking me when will I stop. She never complains when its time to eat though lol 
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    I too am working on a 275 oil tank into a direct beet vertical smoker. ... I am planning on having 2 coal baskets that can be slid in from the end. There will be a drip pan to avoid flare ups and 4 slide out racks
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    Having a hard time visualizing what you are wanting to do.

    When you say vertical, does that mean that you will have the tank set up on one end?

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