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    So you like some spicy sticks ....EH

    This recipe a friend gave me. Its for 10 lbs but i broke into a 5 lb also.

    Before i get started i just mixed up 5 lbs. My son is going to be down this weekend and the last time i will see hime before deployment to Afgn on the 20th.

    Here is the 5 lbs i just mixed. No time for smoking today so doing tomorrow.


    Here is the 2 recipes. I did deviate just a tad with the garlic. He used garlic salt, i went with powder.

    NOTE: If you cant tolerate MSG (ACCENT) You can leave it out.

    10 lbs

    10 lbs lean burger or venison

    1 1/4 tsp cure 1

    1.5 Tbs MTQ....Why did he add this? Not sure but it works. Yeah you could leave out and just use 2 tsp cure 1.

    6 Tbs non iodized salt. If you leave out the MTQ Try adding 1 more Tbs salt

    1 Tbs black pepper

    1 Tbs ground chipotle pepper or your fav like ancho or?

    1 Tbs garlic salt, I used powder

    2 Tbs Accent

    1 Tbs sugar

    2 tsp cayenne

    1 tsp pakrika

    1.5 Tbs red pepper flakes

    1 Tbs hot sauce. Your choice

    1 cup water. Mix the hot sauce into the water along with all the dry

    2 Tbs ECA. Mix this in last before stuffing

    17-19mm collagen or sheep casings.

    Here is his smoking directions.

    Smoke between 1,5-2 hours at between 150-160. Bump heat to 170 until you got an IT of 152 in the sticks. If you like you can put these into a dehydrator to make them drier.

    5 lbs

    5 lbs lean beef or venison

    3/4 tsp cure 1

    1 Tbs MTQ.....Note same as above

    3 Tbs salt

    1.5 tsp black pepper

    1.5 tsp chipotle

    1,5 tsp garlic

    1 Tbs Accent 1.5 tsp sugar

    1 tsp cayenne

    1/2 tsp paprika

    2 tsp red pepper flakes

    2 tsp hot sauce

    1/2 - 3/4 cup water

    1 Tbs ECA....I went with 5 tsp tomorrow.

    Again feel free to deviate what you like.
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    [​IMG]     Half of my post count is due to your sausage processes rick.............keep them coming..........................[​IMG]

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    Thanks for the recipe and info Rick!
  4. Always like spicy sticks. Thanks for the recipe.
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       Rick needs his own recipe page  [​IMG]
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    Hey Guys, can someone tell me what "ECA" is??? Thanks!
  8. raptor700

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       Encapsulated Citric Acid
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    That was quick, thanks alot!
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  11. Thanks for the recipe Rick...gonna try these at some point with some elk. [​IMG]
    X2 and he does need his own recipe page! 
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    As always a great one Rick
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    Thanks for posting Rick. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for sharing.  This recipe looks pretty good to me.  Can't wait to see the next step.
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    Thanks for for another one rickThumbs Up
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    Thanks Rick. These sound great.  
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    Re mixed this morning and added 5 tsp ECA. I added a tad more heat to the mix.

    Now stuff time. Used my long tube.

    Made em into mini sticks.


    Just some info on stuffer tubes.

    It dont matter how long the tube is. If your going to use any collagen casings smaller than 19mm the casing wont go on the tube as one whole length. The casing is coiled and compressed with a smaller ID and forcing the casing on the LEM or long tube like i have will damage the casing and cause cuts. However if you have a tube made smaller than the OD of 1/2" you will be able to slide the whole compressed casing on the tube..

    My 17mm casings will fit all my tubes uncoiled.


    Full length casings on my 3/8" tubes



    Inside of coiled casings


    Casing will not go on my LEM 5 lb tube without causing damage. You will have to pull the coiled casing to length to use it without damage.


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    great recipe and info on Stuffing tubes, Thanks
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    Been a long week of sausage making.

    The spicy mini sticks are done and cooling. In an hour or so i will twist em apart and paper bag em.

  20. nepas

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    Here they are, aint they cute.

    Still learning the camera functions....Yikes



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