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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokininiowa, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. smokininiowa

    smokininiowa Smoke Blower

    Now there are a few things that will go together if done in the right order!
    Going camping at Red Haw State Park. 3D shoot over by Derby,Iowa (great shoot). Grabbing a brisket and deviled eggs to smoke, cold beer, don't get a whole heck of lot better than that huh?

    My second attempt at brisket and I hope I don't screw it up!!!! Any pointers would be very helpful.

    Hope everyone has as great a weekend coming up as I am going to have!
  2. smokebuzz

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    sounds like a good time, got a freind that does the 3D thing, he's probly gonna be at that shoot.

    And welcome to the site.
  3. bassman

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    Welcome to the forum. It all sounds good to me![​IMG]
  4. billbo

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