Smoked Wings

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bamafan15, Feb 21, 2014.

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    They have kind if become my favorite thing to do. Rub them down with Jeff's rub and put them in my MES30 at 275 for about a hour forty five. So far I have used hickory, 50/50 mix of apple and hickory and then tonight I tried pecan. Think the mix is my favorite although the girlfriend liked pecan.

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    Hi BamaFan and thanks for the post. I'm a newbie with a MES40 and have been wondering about wings. Yours look awesome and I'm gonna keep an eye out for wings on sale. Thanks!   [​IMG]
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    Very nice, BamaFan...those wangs look tasty!  Nice job...[​IMG]

  4. Can't keep Jeff's Rub in stock. Seems I spend more time making the rub than I do actually smoking! Doesn't matter what size of batch I make.
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    My next step is to figure out how to sauce some of these. Anyone got any tips for that?
  6. I did some (based off of information on this site) that involved mixing some hot sauce with some creole butter and injecting the wings.  Then rubbed them with either slap your momma or tony C seasoning.  They turned out real good.
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    May have to try that next time.
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    Here's the method. I couldn't find Scarbelly's original post, but this has the same info :
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    Well after seeing the Scarbelly wings, I just knew I had to do them. Got them on smoking now.

  11. bamafan15

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    Wow. Just wow. That's all I can really say about these. They are fantastic

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    Nice wings, great job ! Thumbs Up
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    Those look great, BamaFan!  This is one of my favorite recipes.  Glad to hear yours tuned out so good!  [​IMG]

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    They look terrific. Now I want wings!

  16. This is what I do ........ I let them cool and split into two bowls.

    First bowl, I just pour Jeff's BBQ sauce over them and stir.  I add what I think will cover them and always end up adding a bit more.  I just want to get them a good even coat of sauce, not drench them.

    Second bowl, I pour over a mixture of butter, garlic and finely ground parmesan cheese then stir them the same as the others to get an even coat.  Then I put them on a foil pan, sprinkle some extra parmesan on the buttered wings, then back on to the smoker or in the oven at 220-225 until they are nicely  hot and the sauce has glazed on them.  

    Awww, crap, going to have to make wings this weekend!


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