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Discussion in 'Beef' started by rvial, May 24, 2014.

  1. rvial

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    Bought me about a 2 3/4lb  sirloin roast today at the store, was hoping to find a boneless leg of lamb but no such luck. :(   I put a chipotle rub from a set my wife got me for our anniversary.   I am going to try and have it in the cooker by 8am and take it to around 140 or so.  Hopefully will reverse sear it as well.  I assume I can go straight from the  smoker to the  grill to sear it and no need to let it rest?

    Sorry for the shadows and such my phone's battery was too dead to use the flash.

    I am still very much a noob when it comes to cooking in the smoker so..please any suggestions are helpful :)

    Also was going ot stuff some pre seasoned ground pork(chil lime)  into some bell peppers with a little onion and garlic to go with it.  All this is for lunches for the week. Also was going to try putting some veggies in a drip pan beneath the meat, sh ould I add water to that?!


  2. forluvofsmoke

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    Sounds like you have a good, solid plan...I have no doubt it will make for a great smoked treat!!!

    Have a great smoke!!!

  3. rvial

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    Whoops. it cooked way quickerthen I expected. cooke was about 300 according to the oven thermometer. Guess I will be modding it soon afterall :) Still tastes ok though a little heavy on the smoke flavor for my tastes. Only used one hickory chunk but it was a little larger than my fist. Onto pecan or a fruit wood in my next smoke!
  4. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    Thabka Eric!
  5. Any pics after it came out?
  6. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    I have one on my phobe I will try and get it uploaded tomorrow!
  7. Good deal - I'll keep an eye out for it  [​IMG]
  8. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

     Just don't do that for two threads on the same might not be able to see when the pics get posted....[​IMG]
  9. Ha!  [​IMG]
  10. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    Well I tjought I had a picture of it after the cook but apparently I waa wrong :(
  11. Ok I guess I will put my eye back in then  [​IMG]
  12. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    Sorry :( lol
  13. It's fine - I'll just catch up on your next smoke & look at all your pictures twice!  [​IMG]
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  14. rvial

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    Hopefullt wont be much longer before my next one!
  15. forluvofsmoke

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    Ah, but, there are so many other cuts of beef you could smoke...tri-tips are great if you can find them where you live, and are an excellent choice for the reverse sear method of cooking...just thinking about med/rare Tri Tip Fajitas here. But then I like to experiment with a couple of something, then move on to another, 'cuz there are sooo many smokes and so little time...LOL!!!

  16. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    Thats my problem I dont have alot of time. Lol I work 60 to 72 hours a weel AMD akways seems like when I am off on weekends I nearly always doing something.

    So I checked the bbq bible out from the library. I had read before not to soak wood chunks but BBQ bible says to do so. Does it really matter?
  17. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Some do soak, I suspect most don't...including me...tried it in my earlier years and found no reason to continue after doing dozens of smokes without soaking. The onset of "smoke" is actually water vapor flashing out of the wood..that's the white steam you see every time wood first starts to give off anything. Once that is gone, the real smoke starts. Soaking for a really long time (days to weeks) will get water to penetrate the wood (I forget) maybe 1/8" (or less)...all soaking really does is increase the vapor phase and delay the on onset of smoke. Some people swear by soaking, claiming the y get better control of the smoke, less flare-ups of smoke wood, etc. Maybe they lack an understanding of what makes smoke and how to control it. It's just a balance of heat and air getting to the smoke wood...get them bot right and you have a long, light smoke. By "right", I actually mean right for a light smoke...I do use a heavy smoke for some applications, and sometimes just at the start of a smoke, for say the first hour on a 18hr smoke.

    I know what you mean about long work weeks...I push 60-70hrs/week myself. It makes it tough to do long smokes and get anything else done when you need to run errands and be gone for 1/2 the day at a time. The shorter smokes and especially the reverse sear are a great way to break things up and still some get good grub out of the deal. Saving time is a big plus for long work weeks. Reverse sear allows me to get the best of both worlds (smoke and char-grilled) in 1-2 hours, typically. And it's the families favorite way to eat smaller cuts of beef and pork, as well as chicken pieces/quarters.

    So, with time being so valuable, but good eats being a priority, I do recommend reverse sear...gets it done in far less time, and the flavor is actually preferable by many over straight-smoked meats.

    Hmm, and this coming from me when I'm thawing a 10lb picnic shoulder to toss in the smoke for pulled pork this weekend while I'm actually off work for the weekend...ha-ha-ha! Two weeks ago I did a reverse sear on boneless skinless chicken thighs...seared over mesquite lump. So I do mix things up a bit now and then...just me.

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  18. dirtsailor2003

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    A few questions, what type of smoker are you using?

    When you say Chunks, how big?

    You mentioned not liking the smoke flavor, but we need more info to help!
  19. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper

    I am going to try and smoke stuff on weekends for me to bring for lunches at work. Is why I attempted the sirloin roast. I am thinking bacon wrapped chicken thighs next week. Over apple or pecan perhaps. Not sure what else.
  20. rvial

    rvial Meat Mopper


    I have a brinkman gourmet. I have hickory right now. The last chunk I had was a little biggwr than my fist.

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