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  1. Okay I've sifted through so many UDS threads in the past few months but the one thing I can't seem to remember seeing is what everyone is doing for their thermo probes?  Right now I'm running them through the open bung in the lid which works but its a PITA when you need to remove the lid for any reason.  So show me what you all have done to get your thermo probes inside.  Only thing I could come up with is drilling a simple hole on the side but don't want to do that until I know thats the best route.
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    Look below my signature line and there is a post for do-it-yourself eyelet mod that a lot of folks use on their WSM. Should work on a UDS just as well.
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  3. Thanks!  Thats a great idea!  I even have one of those in the junk drawer at home from an old light fixture! 

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