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  1. Does anyone boil their ribs first?

    I boiled my ribs first then let them cool for a few hours marinaded them overnite and then cooked them slowly in smoker for 4 hours and I must say they where the best ribs ever. 

    Your thoughts please.....[​IMG]
  2. NO BOIL. 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 for me.

    Happy smoken.

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    BOIL [​IMG] No way, not ever in this household!!! Check out the 2-2-1 and the 3-2-1 methods. I personally like to do them direct without any foiling or boiling and a simple rub. Sometimes finishing off with homemade bbq sauce.
  4. heyer5

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    Sounds like they might have been over cooked a bit.  As you can see from Mule's comment, 2-2-1 for babybacks or 3-2-1 for spares are what most around here do.

    That is two hours on the smoker, two hours in tin foil on the smoker, and than 1 hour unwrapped again to finish them off.  The last hour is when most people glaze or bbq their ribs.  A lot also put some juice or extra seasoning in when they foil as well.

    Also, a lot of those times have been adjusted from smoker to smoker, I run more 2-1.5-1 on babybacks because I'm not a huge fan of "fall off the bone" ribs.  I want a little tug!  To each their own though!  As long as you were happy with them, it's hard to try and change much!
  5. at what temperature?[​IMG]
  6. At what temperature?[​IMG]
  7. What temperature?[​IMG]
  8. I dont ever boil my ribs!!! thats a no no.. All the great Flavor is swimming in the water. try uesing a 3-2-1 methed this works best for me. happy smoking!
  9. I like 225 degrees . I believe this is what most do for 2-2-1 method .
  10. dancg68

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    I used to boil before I started smoking.  Boiling with spices works well if you are going to grill the ribs, it's not needed for smoking.
  11. heyer5

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    I run hotter, around 250

    Butts at 275
  12. ps0303

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    Boil ribs? I think my Grandma used to that about 60 years ago. 

    It's a sin to boil ribs.  No say three Our Fathers, two Hail Mary's, and then we might let you stay on the forum.  [​IMG]
  13. dirtsailor2003

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  14. chef willie

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    No boil....ever....bad juju.....angers the Rib Gods & Goddesses
  15. i gotta cousin and a best friend who swear by boiling their ribs and then cooking them in foil with damn near whole bottle of bbq sauce in the foil...YUCK!! they boil them in apple juice and all kinds of crap, theres something about a bleach white rib that doesnt sit well with me, and youre just never gonna get the color back once you boil. or at least ive seen. i didnt eat their ribs by the way. i smoked my own...haha.. i couldnt even eat them to be nice. my poor daughter who was 2 at the time said "i cant like it daddy!" and spit it out after tugging the hell outta that rib..haha. she settled for a happy meal on the way home. lol.
  16. If you boil ribs the terrorists win. Low N Slow at 225* requires no boling whether you use the TX crutch or not.
  17. kueh

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    Keep to the methods you like, but try some others. You know best what you like the most.

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  18. chef jimmyj

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    Easy Kids! Keep the Passion in check. The Boiling Ribs first is a very old and commonly used method to quickly get the tough ribs from Refer to Table in under two hours with just a short browning on a grill. Many folks don't have the time, fuel or equipment to go 5-6 hours at 225*F (107*C). I see the smoker you built, looks great, is now getting hot enough so try the 3-2-1 method without Boiling. Add some Boxty or some Farl and a Pint of Guiness, maybe some Veg if the Mrs, is around and enjoy the flavor only the low and slow Smoke can give...JJ
  19. OK All my smoker friends you have converted me already no more boiling from me it will be the 3-2-1. method from here on in thanks everyone..[​IMG]
  20. I used to boil ribs before I started smoking. Boiled them in water with a couple of halved onions, a bottle of beer and some whiskey for 45 minutes. Sauced and threw on the grill. Since the first time I smoked babybacks, there's no going back. They are not allowed anywhere near a pot of water.

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