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    I wanted to make my first meat rub, starting with a foundation of lime flavored sea salt.  I had read that a good ratio to use is a cup of coarse salt to the zest of two limes.  However, do I need to refrigerate such rubs if they contain moisture-rich ingredients such as the skins of fruits?  I am concerned about it growing bacteria or mold.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    You can buy dehydrated zest of lemon, lime and orange etc. just for this purpose. I use a touch of dehydrated orange zest in my rubs and I love the extra little flavor.

    I get mine from the Spice house. Here is a link to lime zest. You can also reconstitute it. But using it in a spice blend works very well.
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    Thanks!  You prompted me to look up drying my own zest and I found this:

    It's more work but as per usual, the more time you spend on a project, the more gratifying it feels after you successfully finish.   I saw that for a bath scrub, raw zest was used instead of dried when mixing with salt.

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