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Discussion in 'Pork' started by foamheart, Dec 20, 2014.

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    I think I explained in one of the following sites that the butcher had pork chops on sale ( > 2.00/lbs). I bought a whole rack? She cut it in forths and cryo'd for me. Hey they didn't have to saw 'em all up, right? This is one of those forths. Again.

    I brined it for 2 days with a just a pinch of cure in it. A sweet maple brine.

    Pork Loin Brine    (Pork Loin = 140 IT)

    1 qt.                      Water

    1/4t.                     Chipotle

    1/2t.                     Ginger

    1/3C                     Salt

    1/2C                     Brown sugar

                                Tiger sauce

    1/4t.                     Thyme

    1C                         Apple cider

    1/4C                     Maple syrup

    ½ T                        Maple extract

    I washed it off, patted dry and placed in the reefer over night tro dry a bit.

    Prehearted MES30 with vents closed to 275. Not starting the AMPs or using the MECS, gonna do the chick tray with 2 refills of 2/3 apple and 1/3 hickory.

    So in goes the Roast, 45 min dewater with vent open and door cracked and another hour cooking.

    Two hours later I add the first chip tray and probe the roast and drop the temp to 220 degrees. I know a bit early but I was making brittle inside.

    I add two more chip trays which carries the roast thru 145 degrees IT. then just let it cruise on out to 163 IT

    BTW it looks dry and terrible at this point, but don't worry........ Patience grass hopper.

    I removed the bones the same as a prime rib roast.

    I know its not too good a shot, you can see any juice!

    Where's Da'Bear...... this ones for you, Da'Bear shot (On the good china, only first class for Bear!).

    Thats a roasted Louisiana sweet tater (with butter, maple syrup and cinnamin), french cut green beans, a slice of pork roast and the salad is in a bowl elsewhere.



    The above two links slightly different but basically they are the same thing

    Delicious meal done the easy way. And I got some Christmas cooking done, caramel coconut macaroons, peanut brittle, Pralines, and some "Nibbles" the predicessor to chex mix.

    Its begining to look and smell alot like Christmas.

    Heaux! Heaux! Heaux! Thats sounds more like the jolly green giant instead of Santa ..........
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  2. Yum   Looks good

  3. foamheart

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    Thanks Gary.

    Brined smoked pig, how could that be bad? Maybe I can grind it up now and make pork salad....LOL
  4. dingo007

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    Awesome as usual Foamheart!.... I gotta find me a sympathetic butcher...just cant get cuts like that around here.[​IMG]
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    Maybe you can make a new kind of snack stick. Very nice!
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    Thank ya Dingo

    Thats nothing compared to C-man's, but at when pork chops are on sale, ask you butcher if you buy a whole rack would he cut it into 4ths  and cryo-pac at the same price. I would think it would be fine since it saves them saw and packaging time . It should easily offset what you want done. Then just toss them in the old freezer for later.

    The supper was sizably cheaper than hamburgers and much more appealing. Course you could use a new grinder to make hamburger meat if you had one.... <Chuckles>

    Watch the sale adds and think about how bigger pieces of meat are less work for them and better to smoke for you. I would think it'd be a done deal.
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    Mmmm  Nice Kev. I'll be over in a few hours. Break out the homemade Kahlua. b

  8. foamheart

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     Down to my last fruit jar, maybe make yas some tomorrow. I think I read somewhere that tomoorow is a good day for Kahlua. LOL
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    Nice smoke Foam, very nice !

  11. crazymoon

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    Foam, Looks delicious !
  12. dave from mesa

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    Looks real nice Foam.

    Door cracked??? Never heard of doing that. Doesn't it let a lot of heat out even if it's cracked a little? What would be the purpose of that?


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    Looks great Kevin!! Your "Heaux" reminds me, there is a guy here who owns a fairly ritzy liquor store who has a personalized plate on his car that says "Wineaux".
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    Not as pretty a roast as those prior to, but a nice meal.  Seems all I cook anymore is chicken. Nothing wrong with chicken though.
    Thank you Sir
    Thank you Sir.

    Its tender, juicy, lightly smoked, and today for lunch I shaved a couple pounds off it, Threw it in a pan w/some of my BBQ sauce and made BBQ poboys! You know where when ya bite down the juice drips all over the place?

    Was pretty Tastee.
  15. foamheart

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    Thanks alot Dave.

    The dewater cycle to me is used whenever a meat is brined or cured. You have impregnated the meat to the point of explosion with flavored water. You can pat it dry and smoke it, but it's just like you and me when we have a few to many the night before and then have to cut the grass......... massive amounts of sweat. We've brined or pickled ourselves. LOL I sort of figure it would be easier for the meat to take smoke if it wasn't sweating it out as fast as I can put it on. I don't know its true, but it makes sense to me.

    So I start off high heat, I throw the top vent completely open, which I don't normally do, and I latch the door but I don't latch it down fast. It allows the humid heat to escape out the vent and around the door. The MES is already a closed enviroment, not requiring any extra moisture, so I just hurry that along.

    It works for me on bacon, sausages, hams, and brined meats also.
  16. foamheart

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    Thank ye! I love it, Wineaux!  Have not seen it before.
  17. disco

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    Terrific looking pork, Foamheart. If  you are out of fruit juice, I understand you can get grape juice that went bad in bottles.

  18. foamheart

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    Thank you my friend

    You can buy that? In the stores?
  19. c farmer

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    I actually got my whole loin at a chain grocery store. They had chops on sale and I asked the butcher for a whole loin.

    Boy wish I could have took a pic of his face.
  20. disco

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    I know it sounds crazy but, yes. Who would pay for bad grape juice?


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