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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokemaster, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. smokemaster

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    Decided to try something different today, smoke a pork loin on my gas grill. I used some hickory chips and smoked at 240F.

    I found a recipe that sounded good for a sauce but it came out terrible [​IMG][​IMG] It was too sour. I tried to fix it but it was too far gone.

    After 3hrs internal temp 145F. I brushed a little on a piece of the loin and I'm waiting to see how it'll taste on the meat.

    There's a little smoke ring
    Got it resting now.
  2. kueh

    kueh Meat Mopper

    One important thing to do always is to taste everything before you add it to your food.

    Taste your rubs and sauces
    Make brines exact to recipes and taste them.

    I found the McCormick Pork Rub to be a good balanced starting rub, if you don't have the inclination to make your own.
  3. watery eyes

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    Good job smoking on the grill....and I second trying beforehand or only using highly recommended sauces or rubs.

    I'm in the process of doing a Pork Loin and a mess of other meats on my GOSM today. Using Meowey's Pork Rub on the Loin and Fatties.

    Will post some pics later tonight.
  4. deejaydebi

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    Looks good Smokemaster.

    When something goes to sour add brown sugar or molassaes. That'll bring it back around.

    Sweet, sour, hot and saltly are very subjecive. Everyone has there own level of like and dislikes. Use the ingrediants which affect these flavors sparingly and taste often to make sure it's acceptable to you before adding more.

    Good Luck!
  5. chrish

    chrish Smoking Fanatic

    i was thinking the same thing for the race today and try something out on the new grill


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