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  1. Evening y'all, I need some advice.
    Moving house next month and can't be bothered to build another brick grill, so my rather wonderful fiancé says that we will need another BBQ.
    We will be taking the redneck grill (filling cabinet) and the Brinkman bullet, but we need a more dedicated grill. We'd like to have the capacity to smoke (she likes a drum type), direct/indirect grill, plus having the capacity to add a rotisserie and a pizza oven (greedy I know). All this and we don't want to spend a fortune. If we could look at something around the £200 mark I'd be happy.
    I'm sure all this is probably wishful thinking, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
    Oh yeah, and as I will be looking to build a BBQ/smokehouse/cookhouse at the new pad, looking good and possibly looking to incorporate into the build.

    Thanks for any help.
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    [​IMG]  The 57cm Weber kettle will do the job for you. Great for grilling, BBQ roasting and Low & Slow. You will not get the rotisserie and Pizza attachment within the £200 but they can be supplemented as Christmas presents.

    Don't be confused regarding the different models. Personally I prefer to use the Original Kettle rather than the "Premium" models. They do the same job but the Original Kettle is a lot less expensive (~£125 street price) and it is easier to later attach a temperature control system if required.

    In addition to the Kettle the Weber branded Pizza attachment (which works very well) is ~£136 and the Weber Rotisserie is ~£162. Generic versions can also be found.
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  4. I have a 57cm weber, and it's great - I do a lot of low n slow on it. I got one with the 3 vents underneath rather than the one-touch model that has the ash catcher and (which I have found from from using a friends) is more 'set and forget' than mine. I didn't know about low n slow bbq when I got it but would definitely get the one-touch if I was buying a new one now. Get the hinged grate too, if you can.
  5. Hi all

    Thanks for the earlier advice, but we've gone in a different direction and got a charcoal/gas combined, for convenience and smaller smokes.

    I know it'll need looking after as they are susceptible to corrosion, but we are going to build a shack at the new place, so it should be ok. something a bit like this.

    Exciting times, cheers.
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    The bug has bitten!

    This is my BBQ Shack. It's called "The Dog House" because that's what I am always in!

    Large Kamado,

    Small Kamado with a home built Mini WSM

    GMG Pellet Smoker.

  7. It's a terrible, terrible affliction, but by the gods it's fun. And it's catching, I'm cooking 40lb (raw) pulled pork for a friends party at the weekend, one mate has found a filing cabinet for his own redneck grill and another friend is building a BBQ area and wants my advice on what else he will need to compliment his new pizza oven.

    Bloody brilliant. 😃
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    Get them to join!

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