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  1. good evening from Missouri! New to the forum but must admit I've read many an article here over the last year or so researching ideas.
    I've been processing wild game and some domesticated stock for many years and using a didgital master built smoker for the last couple years now smoking different cuts of pork and also wild game summer sausages. Recently upgraded from a tiny LEM #5 grinder that constantly held me back from experimenting more with smoked sausages to a monster of an old enterprise grinder. I'm ready to jump in head first this weekend with 75 pounds of deer and about 50 pounds of pork trimmings and a bunch of natural casings.
  2. :biggrin: should make quick work and make more time to experiment with ingredients and methods
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    Nice grinder! 

    Good luck and enjoy!
  4.  Awesome grinder. Looks like it's geared to spin rather fast.

  5. That was my first thoghts as well when I first saw pictures of it. The size of the pulleys are a bit deceiving in the picture. It ran much slower than I expected but faster than my little LEM. Figured ill try it out. This weekend and if its too much ill build a speed break for going to build a rack over the top of it to hold 26"x18"x6" food storage tubs over the top for a "hopper" with a corisponding hole to the feed tube and put it on a 20 amp foot pedal.
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     That last sentence eased my mind. I don't like seeing open belt drives to start with . But putting a dead man switch on it will make it somewhat safer.
  7. Me too, it won't be an open drive when I'm done the hopper I chose is sufficient in size to cover the entire system from the top and the sides will be boxed in with the stand for the hopper. My daughter likes to help and I have to keep her safe! Thumbs Up.

    Btw eman its nice to see a fellow constitution loving American patriot!
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  8.  Sounds like you're on top of it. Let us know how it works.

     Harbor Freight sells foot switches for a good price. They have press for on, and again for off as well as on when pressed, off when not. I have both and they seem pretty good to me. 

  9. Well we ground about 75 pounds of venison and pork today. First run with the new to me grinder. 2 people CAN'T feed this thing as fast as it will grind, I'm positive it will do over 1000lbs an hour easily. Stuffed about 55 lbs into 33-35mm natural hog casings with it as wel, trying some different style sausages. Everything but the cajon sausage was good and it was the one thing we didn't fry up to test before stuffin, go figure. The second fail was was my bright idea to chop 2 large onions in half and toss them in the grinder by themselves at the end of the batch when one of the ingredients called for minced onion.. Need less to say we had onion juice and small hunks of onion all over the kitchen...
  10. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome from a cloudy and warm day in East Texas and the best forum on the internet, Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. Glad you joined up.


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