Maverick ET-732 Slow Response Time - Accurate?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sagosto, Jun 5, 2016.

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    I have a Maverick ET-732 and an Isport (). All 3 read 211-212F in boiling water but the Maverick takes MUCH longer to finally read 211-212F. I have a MES 30 and they were all 20F within one another at one point (ee.g. 200F, 220F, and 240F). I was surprised they all read 212F in boiling water even though the Maverick took quick a while to finally read 212F. Is it normal for the Maverick to refresh so slow and take that long to finally read the correct temperature? It makes keeping stable temp. in the MES very difficult. Also, the MES is NOT accurate. It is shocking that it is soo inaccurate. For consistent 225-240F, I typically set it at 210-215F and have to crack the door even once in a while to drop the MES temp to force the heat on.

    Is this normal?
  2. It's normal for the Maverick to read slowly. There is no need for it to instantly read the temperature, with a probe in the pit and another in the meat constantly.

    It works great for seeing the gradual climb in temperatures.
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    If the refresh is very slow than how is that a good thing as it doesn't accurate reflect the current temperature? Also, 3 different probes reading 20F of each other? That doens't seem right. I checked the probes to make sure the tip or at least 2" or so of the tip wasn't touching anything.
  4. Are they reading 20* difference as they settle? Or as soon as they are placed into the boiling water?

    Fluctuations in temperature of a few seconds/minutes is normal.

    The Maverick is not an instant read thermometer. It will take 10-15 seconds to settle. This is more than enough to see where the pit and meat temperatures are throughout the smoking process. Just leave them in for the duration.

    I start with a probe in the pit as soon as I begin the fire. Depending on what you are smoking(i.e. brisket, chicken, pork butt, etc), I'll insert a probe into the meat after a few hours(much sooner with chicken).
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    I had the three probes in the pit but they were all like 20F within each other. I was surprised that they all read 212F in boiling water even if it took Maverick a min or so to get there. Is the coldish surface area of the meat cause the temperature to fluctuate? I typically keep the probes near the front door. Should I go to the rear? If the racks are full, there isn't a 'free' space to go typically.
  6. You have to trust the probes are reading correctly, since they all showed consistent readings in the water boil test.

    The differences in meat's thickness, fat vs meat, all can give different readings on the probes. When I probe/toothpick test for doneness, I check in several places. From the thickest to the thinnest. A trick I use with brisket is to fold the thinner end underneath itself. This gives the brisket an even thickness for more consistent cooking throughout.
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    These were all ambient readings.
  8. Were they at different heights from the fire?

    20* difference seems a bit extreme for pit temperatures.
  9. If your MES has a glass window in the door use an oven thermometer placed on the grate(s) so that you can read through the glass.

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