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    First time on this forum and wanted say 'hey'! I lay my hat in Jonesboro Ga.  I'm no stranger to bbq forums....... For almost 10 years I was a part of 2 fairly well known forums. Got a little burned out for various reasons and decided to take a break. Decided to get back in the saddle and give you guys a 'look-see'. [​IMG]  I got bit by the smokin' bug back in 1997 and haven't recovered yet. I do 'small time' catering...meaning, I jump at the first opportunity when someone asks if I can cook for them.  I cook mostly for the attorneys I work for and my church (those are freebees) and a few friends. I started out with a Chargriller that lasted almost 7 yrs....I replaced it with a 'give-away 24"x48" Pitts & Spitts...which I cooked on it for about a year before I decided to purchase a mobile 30"x48" w/30"x30" upright pit from Southwest Smoker ( aka Superior Welding) I needed a smaller cooker for the house and got a hand-me-down WSM from a friend for $100......then I acquired a 24"x48" Patio cooker from Maxey Fabrication...., built 2 UDS (55 gallon and an 85 gallon),...went on Craigslist and got two 22" Weber Kettles and a smaller Weber kettle for $140 (all in very good shape)......oh.... and a 6 burner gas grill.[​IMG]. So that's my arsenal. But not for long.......I'm about to scrap/sell all of them, except for my mobile pit, the WSM and the gas grill. I am about to purchase 2 cookers from Shirley Fabrication. I went down there last Saturday and talked to Tyler (he's a great guy). Once he gets back to me with a quote.....I'll send in my check, and then I'll wait. (until next year [​IMG]) I'll be getting a 48"x36" Vertical smoker (basically the warmer box on top of the firebox... on casters) Initially it was going to be a 48"x48", but I downsized. It will have 5 racks in it. The other will be for my weekends and the smaller's a 30"x30" vertical (same as the 48") with 4 racks. So there you have it. My name is Crowd Pleaser, and I have a bbq addiction.....I don't need any help....I can kick this habit on my own...but thanks for your concern.
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    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

    Sounds like you will fit in nicely here!


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