Hot plates and chip pans

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  1. Hi all. New here. I have been reading posts about hot plates and such. For myself I parted out an electric stove and rigged one of the largest elements using controls from the stove. It is 220 but I plug it into my welding outlet in my garage. Works great. For my chip pan I use an 80 cast iron skillet. My most recent smoker I built from a 55 gal drum and insulated it with a water heater blanket. So far temperature has been easy to maintain and has been working well. I am currently working on building one from the stove that I gutted. I will let you know how that works out. Might have gutted the stove too soon. Lol. But old electric stoves are in good supply!
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    Welcome to your new addiction (the forums)... as for your repurposed stove... I would look into a PID controller instead of the existing controller .. reason being.. the existing controller is ether on or off.. meaning the chamber will go by AVERAGE temp.. with a PID it will hold it steady at the preset temp... ether way.. enjoy your new passion and don't forget

  3. I used the ccontrols for the oven. So far they have been pretty accurate. I did have to move the thermocouple around to get the temp accurate but so far it's been doing good.

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