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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by firewife, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Ok, so I'm smoking a couple of beer can chickens on 4th of July.

    I've done them before and had them come out both just ok or really awesome.  I'm not sure why the difference.

    All my family is coming and many of them are amazing cooks so I really want my chickens to blow them away.

    I'm a big fan of brining.  I plan to get two birds, about the same weight, and brine them.  What length of time is best for brining a whole chicken?  I need my food to be done by around 5:00 so we can serve by 5:30.  What brine recipe do you recommend for a beer can chicken?

    I've had some trouble with getting my temp just right on my birds.  I've heard you can cook them between 225-275.  What temp do you recommend and what length of time does that generally take?  Do you bring the birds to room temp for an hour first or put them on the smoker straight out of the brine?

    Next, let's talk seasoning.  I don't have Jeff's rub yet but I've used some basic generic rubs in the past and haven't found a favorite.  What's your favorite rub?

    Please, share all your BCC tips and tricks with me!

    Thanks in advance!

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