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  1. Figured i would start a thread as i have some butts on the xl40. My brother in law is moving to Vegas next week and requested pulled pork for his going away party tomorrow and who am i to say no. I have 4 butts on that i rubbed last night. Set my alarm for 4am and slept right through it so didn't get them on till about 7. Will update with qview.
  2. c farmer

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    Looks good so far.

    I need to do more PP.  

    Cant keep the stuff in the house.
  3. Thanks, i don't get to do it enough either. 50+ hrs a week at work then spending time with my little girl doesn't leave much time. But when i get the chance I'm all over it.
  4. seenred

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    Lookin' good so far...keep the updates and qview coming

  5. driedstick

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    Looks great I will be doing two tonight smoke overnight for a family reunion tomorrow. Let us know how yours goes.
  6. Just over 6 hours in and have hit 165. No stall yet, now the question is should i just leave unwrapped and see if it will just power through or wrap and be done with it? Guess i will just wait and see. I am going hotter on this at between 260 and 270.

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  7. hambone1950

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    One hambone to another: I say foil them bad boys! Just kidding. Either way will work. I think I'm inclined to foil to save charcoal since it speeds up the cook a little. I guess with electric smokers you never run out of fuel! Good luck , hope they come out good. :grilling_smilie:
  8. Just pulled them of at about 202 degrees, no stall at all, just about 10 hours. I decided to leave them unwrapped and i got a great bark on them, had to sneak a piece before they hit the cooler.

    Here are two of them.

    Will pull them I'm an hour or so. Also trying chef jjs finishing sauce. Will have more qview later. Thanks for following!
  9. This unit is actually the propane burner. I have been tempted to venture into charcoal/wood burners, but to be honest this just makes it so easy and the food turns out great.
  10. hambone1950

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    I hear ya man. Charcoal cooking can be a trial. Your pork butts came out nice....that'll be good eatin for sure. :sausage:
  11. Got them all pulled, got just about 50% of pre cooked weight out of them, 12 lbs of finished product. Hit them with just a touch of finishing sauce and in the fridge until the party.

    I would have taken some more pics but i was watching my two year old at the same time and its even harder with pork fingers but will definitely get some sammie pics tomorrow.

    Meat had a ton of juicyness even though i didn't wrap so I'm very pleased there. Will be serving with options of finishing sauce (which is my choice)( thanks for the recipe Chef JJ) and also a mustard based sauce and a sweet bbq sauce i made with sb rays and drippings thati reduced.

    Now its time for a cold Coors and watch the Packers avenge the "Fail Mary" from last yearagainst the Seahawks.

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