First smoker build, for Police Dept.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by red12, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Gentlemen,

    I decided to build a smoker for my Police Dept. to use in the Shop with a Cop charity.  I have been collecting scrap for a little while to use.  So far I have almost all the components (minus the trailer) and my total build cost so far is $28.00.  Ok its $128.00 if you count the nice welding mask I bought but I wanted one anyway so I don't count it!  It will have a smoking cabinet, a large propane tank for bigger items and a bigger than necessary fire box. Here's the starting pics!  I was quite worried about cutting the tank at first but I followed all safety recommendations and it worked quite well.  More pics to follow as the work continues..... Please comment with suggestions or concerns.  Thanks in advance!

    Also I am not a Welder!!!!  And I'm building with scrap!
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    Great project! It'll also be good for watch parties and feeding your homeless and shelter populations. Be safe Red!
  3. It should be a nice smoker. Post pics as you go.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Nothing wrong with scrap. First RF we built was out of stuff we had laying around

  9. Sorry it's been so long but here are some updated pics of the progress. Building my sliding cooking racks next and putting in the chimney.. Then she will get attached to the firebox while being mounted to the trailer.
  10. Total build cost so far in the neighborhood of 175.00! (But I have spent quite a bit buying some nice tools I wanted anyway so that doesn't count!). I just needed an excuse...
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  12. Thank you!
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    Looking good Red.............[​IMG]
  14. Looking good, coming along 

  15. I love your math!
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    Looks good so far boss! Keep the pics comin
  17. Thanks. I am glad somebody understands. I didn't HAVE to buy a plasma cutter but I sure did want one. It beats the heck out of using cutting wheels for hours and slinging metal dust everywhere. If a tool makes life easier I will buy that sucker... Know what I mean?
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    I definitely know what Ya mean!! The first time a tool saves you some time and or frustration it has paid for itself.
  20. Sliding racks built today and rack stops welded in place... I think I'm gonna take a few vacation days off to get this thing into overdrive..

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