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    Fire It Up started a thread suggesting that we start the exchange program up.

    The moderators have discussed it and decided that we will make this thread outlining the program and how to use it.

    If you have a product that is only available in your local area and want to offer it for exchange you will do the following.

    Go to the classified section and post a thread in the exchange forum category describing what you have. If someone is interested they will them PM you with what they would like to exchange with you.

    All transactions should be done in pm or thru email but not in the public forum. If you only have 1 item to trade make sure to post in the thread when it is gone so that you do not get multiple pm's asking for it.

    SMF and the moderators storngly recommend that this be a exchange program only. We cannot mandate this but we want to minimize any hard feelings that will come if someone gets burnt. If you do have a poor experience we would ask that you do not bring it to the forum or in the chat room.

    Please only offer items that you have tested and know that they are good.

    If you receive a really good product dont forgot to post a thread rating it so that we all may discover these local treats.

    If you have any other questions or you feel I have missed something in this post please pm myself or any of the moderators.
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