Dutch Oven Potatos

Discussion in 'Dutch Oven Recipes' started by blackhawk19, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. blackhawk19

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    This was posted on RV.Net forum, I don't have a Dutch Oven but this sounds good.

    "Dutch oven potatoes. You cook the bacon first in dutch oven, remove bacon, leave fat. Layer thinly sliced potatoes, onions, cheese, bacon, mushroom, spices,then dot with butter. Repeat. Pour liquid of choice on top such as cream of mushroom soup with water added, or beer. Cover and cook about 45 minutes, check to see if needs more liquid. When done, add hefty later of cheese on top, when cheese is melted, SERVE!"
  2. smokeys my pet

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    Sounds good to me!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  3. gramason

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    Sound good, have to try that out.
  4. bubba t

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    ...sounds good to me too!..[​IMG]
    In fact, I like to mix in the onions as I am cooking up the bacon ( cut up in 1" squares)... it sweetens them up and also helps get the bacon flavor more into the entire dish!...
  5. Thanks for the recipe. I was wanting a simple side dish to do in my dutch oven for my New Years smoke. This looks perfect! [​IMG]


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