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Discussion in 'Pork' started by flyin'illini, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. flyin'illini

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    I thought I would post a few pics here. This is my 3rd time doing a shoulder and the first time using a full 7.5 pounder. (other two were 3-4 lbs) THANKS to SMF for the great info here to make this one my best yet. It was done on Nov 9th with the air temp at maybe 40ish.

    I used Jeff's rub recipe and only put it on the meat for 4-5 hrs and refrigerated. (Next time will go 12+ hrs per info in MEOWEY sticky here)

    The first pic is after about 10 hrs. I did not foil it at this point per the MEOWEY sticky. I will do this next time. I ended up leaving it on for 14 hrs or so trying to let the meat temp get up to 195-200 but it only got to 180 or so. (we were getting quite hungry) I read about the plateau and tried to be patient. Controlling the ambient temp inside the ECB is a challenge (I tilt the lid and that works okay) but I think I was okay in this area.

    I also only let it sit 20 min after pulling it off the smoker before pulling it. (we were hungry) But the bone came out clean so I was happy about that. It was fine to eat, too.

    One of my questions is how does the bark look?

    Any and all comments welcome! Thanks SMF!
  2. homebrewru

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    Dude, if it was done and it tasted good, you did fine. Make good notes on what you did this time. Change it up a little next time if you like and then decide which came out best.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
  3. camp_cookie

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    I agree completely.

    It looks very nice.
  4. zapper

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    I don't have a good wind break, but a buddy of mine has done up a metal garbage can that is pretty clever. Just curious, why the bottom rack? I am also curious about having trouble about maintaining temps? Most of the time my Brink is rock steady (Too low or too high) But rock steady. Full water pan keeps things on the low side Empty pan lets the temps go up a little. Flaming wood chips is the biggest problem that I have that causes temp spikes and a chip box is in the works for that problem (Had foil melt awhile back)

    So did you pull or slice and how did that go?
    Usually the bone pulling out clean is a good sign that things are done right.
  5. meowey

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    The bark looks great! As said above, you will develop your own procedures to fit your particular smoker. If you are going to foil next time, and are having problems keeping the smoker temps up, you can finish it in a 225-240°F oven.

    Hope this helps!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  6. flyin'illini

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    Zapp -- I have no reason to pick the bottom rack other than being worried about heat as I have to tilt the lid for temp control on the electric ECB. I used chunk hickory and did have temp spikes due to burning wood as you mention. I did let the water pan get too low once as I let this thing go overnight. (I did the others during the day and watched them closer)

    I just pulled it with my hands using a fork some and it went great. I could tell is was more moist than my prior tries. We were quite happy with how this turned out for sure! (My Dad and Mom are not easily impressed as they still get some Cue in western KY occasionally so that was my test)

    I tend to think my thermometer placement might have been a problem. I put it closer to the bone which I have read here is a problem on some things.

    Meowey -- Thanks for the feedback on the bark. I will consider going into the oven but really my smoker temp was okay. I think the foil would have helped per your sticky comments, though. I may need a windbreak as Zapper mentions above as it is beginning to get cold up here in MI. Your turkey looks great in the other thread. I just saw it. I would like to do that sometime.
  7. deejaydebi

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    It looks great Illini! If it tasted good and everyone was happy you did good! [​IMG]

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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