cold smoking bacon joint.

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  1. Hello all.

    I am doing quite a but of smoking now but all hot smoking. Was in the supermarket yesterday and there was a discounted unsmoked bacon joint.

    When I cold smoke it with some oak sawdust I don't need to cure it 1st do I?

    Please help!


  2. Is the piece you bought already cured? If it is you can cold smoke with no issue but if not you will have to cure it before cold smoking. Your other option would be to hot smoke it if it isn't cured or you don't wanna cure it. I don't hot smoke my bacon since it changes the texture slightly & I don't like that but lots of people hot smoke their bacon & enjoy it greatly  [​IMG]  

    EDIT: The reason you need to cure it before cold smoking is to keep the meat safe during the great length of time it will spend uncooked & in the danger zone. Bacon isn't bacon unless it is cured...
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    What Smoking B said-----If they're calling it "Unsmoked Bacon" it could be that, but I would definitely double check it before cold smoking it.

    If it's not cured, you could either cure it or Hot Smoke it, but it wouldn't be Bacon, it would be "Smoked Pork Belly".

    If it is already cured, you can Cold Smoke it (Below 100* smoker temp) or Warm smoke it (between 100* and 140*smoker), but I can't think of anyone who hot smokes (above 160* smoker) Belly Bacon.

    Better to be safe that sorry, make sure it's cured before Cold or Warm smoking.


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