Chicken Andouille and Buffalo Chicken sausage

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  1. We got our new 5 lb Grizzly stuffer this past week and thought we'd put it to the test on some chicken sausage. We did 4 lbs of Andouille and Buffalo Chicken style. They both came out very good. No issues with poor binding after cooked that I could tell. The stuffer performed beautifully!!! Not 1 blow out and when we got the hang out it, I was turning the piston in a fluent speedy motion and the sausages were coming off the horn plump and even. An overall good afternoon of sausage making. 

    The Andouille was amazing! The Buffalo was really good, but a could changes will be made next time around. I'm the guy with the tattoo on his left arm and my buddy Eric is the one doing some grinding. Some pics for your viewing pleasure. Oh, I also made some simply hoagie rolls to put the cooked sausage in that morning.

    Andouille is the top left 3 and the others are Buffalo.

    Buffalo. This was the 2nd round and came out much nicer.


  2. shoebe

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    Looks like fun. Love the buns as well...nice job, bet they are  all gone soon
  3. It was a blast. I've made salami in the past with the caulk gun style stuffer and using the piston stuffer was sooo much easier. The buns are real good. Worked great for the sausages, and made a sandi for lunch with one. 

    I'm gonna make some more tonight to work on my shaping of the final product. It's such an easy recipe, I might have to keep a stock of them.
  4. disco

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    Looks like the stuffer was a success.

    I've never tried chicken andouille. I may have to give it a go.

  5. I used boneless chicken thighs for the 4 lbs and it was as juicy as ever. You would have never known it was chicken. I can post the ingredient list if anyone wants it.
  6. disco

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    Sure, I'd love to see the recipe.

  7. chef willie

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    Mighty fine looking of my fav styles along with Texas Hot Links.....YUM.....Willie
  8. jwcnj4502

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    I'd like to see both of your recipes that you did. Always looking for good chicken sausage recipes.
  9. driedstick

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    Looks great - Nice job 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  10. s24smoove

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    like your style rg, makin sausages and cold beer, sausagemaking is a lot of fun.
  11. Doesn't get much better. Making my own sausage and drinking my homemade beer! I'll have the recipes up this evening....forgot last night.
  12. Please post up ingredients ... Those sound amazing!
  13. Very sorry for the delay in this. The Andouille ingredients were 22 g Tony Chachere's, 5 g garlic powder, 4 g salt, 7 g red pepper flakes, and .25 tsp cayenne. We're making another 5 lbs this weekend but using half and half chicken breast and thigh.

    The buffalo chicken was literally half of the ingredient list on this website. I'll say I want overly happy with the final product. Flavor was good, but texture and everything else I think could be better. Next time I'm gonna use a thicker buffalo sauce and no butter. I thought the finished sausage was too juicy....that possible? It hindered the bind I felt.
  14. For this Sunday's menu were doing these same sausage, but also 5 lbs of authentic Cajun cold smoked Andouille and 5 lbs of our interpretation of the Vietnamese pho dish in a sausage. I'll be sure to post about them.
  15. allen

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    What type of grinder do you have, I have been looking around but too high priced for me right now, I just need one for grinding small portions of meat?.
  16. This is the grinder I'm using:

    I got it off of Craigslist for $50 though and it was used only once. Was in perfect condition and comes with a ton of dies. There are cheaper ones out there that likely work just as good rather than paying retail for this one.

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