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Brisket Judging Form

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Does anyone have a link to a form I could use for judging brisket? A friend asked me to judge their 1st annual neighbor hood BBQ cookoff and will be judging brisket only. I have not done this before and research shows typically appearance, Tenderness/texture and taste and the main catagories using a scale of 9 to 2. Are these catagories usually weighted at all or all the same?


This will be fairly low key and hopfully lots of fun. I am the only judge though...

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Here is the idea i posted last time we discussed this .

ll depends on how the contest rules are set up .Is it taste and tenderness only? or is it presintation also? Taste = x% of total score x Tendenderness =x% of the score x presentation = x% of the score x

total score If it's just you,You can give a number rating to each one or just decide which one you like best Please disreguard this and see next post!


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Here is the idea we discussed in sept. Taste = 40% of final score tenderness= 40% of the final score. presentation = 20% of the final score. That way you are not just saying i like this one best. It also lets the cooks know where they have a problem that needs correcting. Give a number from 1 to 10 in each catagorie.
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OK, and I think I will use those calculations. I was also kind of looking for a form sample I could create to use.


thanks for your suggestions!

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