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my sept throwdown

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i was thinking of the worst thing that would leave a bad taste in your mouth,

what is worse than an IRS AUDIT NOTICE?

so why not?

my second choice was an old shoe


yoshidas 002.jpg


i forgot to put ronp on it so resent


yoshidas 005.jpg






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How long did you marinate that?




Isn't that pressure treated you're using under that audit?


Did your helper like it?


Too many questions,


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So what was YOUR internal temp when you filed your taxes this year? Very creative!

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Excellent! Did your buddy help you out?

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i kinda liked this one rick!

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Dang, I missed the IRS part or I would have given you a perfect score also....

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Very funny man - love it

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thanks beer b q   i thought the judges score was very low   only 12 points    maybe it was the PT wood under the dish that droppes the score! 

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Actually we judged on the curve and Squirrels entry totally wiped out the curve...

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