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Pics of green bacon  68 hrs after cure.


The bacon is a bit firmer (easier to work with) and there is definetly a color change to more Mahogany.  From the original 35 lbs I drained 1 1/4 c of liquid.  This morning I redusted with the remaining cure and as mentioned drained.  I am posting before and current pics to indicate the progress of the bacon to be.













Looks like my original rub down missed a small spot on the top left corner.  Corrected that mistake but it gives a good example of the color change.  Wrapped the bacon tightly in saran and returned to fridge till Monday when I will do a heavy sugar dust and light salting.




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They are looking good for sure.

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6 days (164 hrs) after first curing the green bacon:






Removed only about 1/2 c water from all 37lbs of curing bacon.  This is a QView after removing from fridge.


The bacon has taken on a deeper, browner color and has firmed up quite a bit.







Lightly salted, about 4 T for the entire 37 lbs.  Rubbed in light brown sugar, used about 1lb of additional sugar on the lot.


Returned the curing bacon to the refrigerator, until Thursday afternoon. 


 Thanks for looking,






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Final Product



In the smokehouse with pecan wood




Final product  on the smoke for 12 hrs.




The night before the smoke I left one without soaking but coated well with brown sugar and Steens.  After test frying I decided to soak the remaining slabs for 45 minutes to remove a bit of salt.  I took a couple of slabs and rubbed with brown sugar and  injected Steens.  A couple of slabs got just the brown sugar and one slab received no additional seasoning.  The general consensus of our panel of experts was that the Steens was there but not very prominent.  We did find that the sugar cure knocks out some of the salt.


I noticed that the bacon we fried for Sunday had a more pronounced sugar and Steens taste.  Maybe the next bacon session will call for the smoked bacon to rest a couple of days on ice before slicing and serving.


I found that skinning the bacon before smoking is a pain in the neck and I lost a lot of fat when I cut off the skin.  We learned a new trick.  If you smoke the bacon and then skin it you can filet the skin of like fileting a fish.  The scrap rind was great seasoning in the purple hull peas, it cooked down to become nice and tender. 


Some of us thought it didn't have enough salt, some thought the salt was right on.  Same with the smoke, some said there wasn't enough smoke and some said it was just right.  Piney reminded me that if you cure bacon with the rind on you need to let it go a couple of hours longer on the smoke


Thanks for following the thread. 





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That bacon was awesome and I look forward to eating more of it since Al sent me home with some of it.

I was told when I started making bacon to let it sit in the fridge for a couple days after smoking and before slicing and that the smoke and flavors meld. I do believe it makes a difference from my limited testing with the process.  

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Beautiful color Al !

You're missing my favorite thing though!---I looooove to see pictures of sliced Bacon!!!




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Best I could do Bear, this pic is from the gathering




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Wow! That's some nice bacon ya got there!

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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Best I could do Bear, this pic is from the gathering




Better than nothing.---Nice!

Next time maybe a little zoooooom. 





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C'mon Bear,


You gotta give at least a 80% for all the other Qview I posted .    Sorry  I will do better,  maybe Dickie will have a better pick



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LOL---You get much more than 80% !


I'm just greedy when it comes to Qview, especially if it's BACON Qview !!!


Can't help it !




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Got it covered Al




By the way, great looking bacon!

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Originally Posted by MossyMO View Post

Got it covered Al




By the way, great looking bacon!


LOL---I don't know how you did that.

I tried everything I knew (not much).


That's a little better, but I believe Al when he says he will do better next time.

That's really some nice Bacon!



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Oh My.....I have been looking for some advice on bacon for a while.....If it's OK I have a few questions or basically looking for some advice. I will have to collect my thoughts and get back with you.....right now all I can think of is MMMmmmmm!!! B A C O N !!!!  It looks great!!!

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