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1st Smoke using 3-2-1 Qview inside.

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Boy am I glad I found this site!  Set out today for my 1st smoke using my new ECB. I smoke a butt, some sausage, a couple of turkey legs, and 4 racks of ribs.  I hadn't heard of the 3-2-1 method and never even thought about cutting the ribs up St. Louis style before stumbling upon this site.  I'd say I had 90% success today.  The ribs were fall of the bone tender, sausage was excellent, the person I smoked the turkey for didn't show , and I just couldn't get that butt to 165.  I gave up on it after about 7 hours on the grill.  Took it inside sliced it open and it appeared to be done, but by that time everyone was stuffed on the ribs.  Well be eating BBQ all week and I don't mind that one bit!!!  My daughter actually complained that the ribs were too tender cause the meat would fall off of the bone as she picked them up.


and without further ado...












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Nice looking smoke Rusty. Makes me want to go buy some ribs today. As far as the butt goes.... try a search on methods here on the forum and you'll find that a pork butt will take upwards of 12+ hours to get it falling apart. You can start eating on it anytime past 160 but to get it falling apart tender your gonna need to get it between 190 and 200 internal temp...... and if you stuck a probe or compromised the meat internally any way... it needs to reach 140 degrees internal in 4 hours. You can pull a butt at 160 and slice it into steaks and finish it up on the grill with some sauce... that's killer. When you go smokin a butt, you might as well sit back and enjoy the smoke because it's gonna take awhile. Nice smoke.

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Good looking smoke there Rusty!! A big for sure! 

As PignIt said, butts usually take a lot longer. They will usually stall and you just have to be patient. not adjusting the temps of you smoker or anything. Just let it go. Foiling it once it reaches 160 will help a little. Patients is the key.


Again, great looking spread you had there.

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Nice looking smoke, Rusty!


FWIW I'm with your daughter on this one. I too did my first ribs with the 3-2-1 method this weekend for six hours at 250. I thought the meat was a bit too mushy. But I think ribs are supposed to have bit of "chew" to 'em. I'm going to cut the 2 hour foil part in half next time. Live and learn.


You cannot control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.

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Looks great, that is a PILE of meat! My wife likes the fall of the bone, I like the other way go figure.

Thanks for sharing Rusty

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omg those sausages look like boa's i was like, hey smoked snake didnt think about that one............

all in all looks good

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Nice job, your addiction is only going to grow, wait until you make a fatty, and some abts...

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Great Job !


Like pignIt said, be careful of the danger zone on meats that take a long time, like Butts, Brisket, Chuckies, etc.


I also agree with brdprey----At first glance, I thought a big old Texas snake took over your smoker!



Great looking load of meat,


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Thanks for the responses guys.  The 3-2-1 method was a hit!  Gonna hook up another rack or 3 soon!


@brdprey  smoked snake is a interesting thought until you think about all of those little bones.

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Wow... looks like a great smoke Rusty. You packed a lot into that smoker. Well done!


What is the sausage you smoked?

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The stall on pork can happen earlier than 165, and with that much meat in the smoker, you could see longer cook times for it.


Like people said you can always foil it up with some liquid to help speed things along, and after it has its dose of smoke, you can also foil / move it to an oven to finish.


Otherwise... damn those sausages looked good!

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Originally Posted by Smoke_Chef View Post

Wow... looks like a great smoke Rusty. You packed a lot into that smoker. Well done!


What is the sausage you smoked?

I dont remember the brand name but I'm sure ill have to run by the store soon and Ill be sure to let you guys know.


Thanks for the kind words. 

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