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Pouring rain but still smokin.

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Labor day cookin..jpgI figured out how to post a pic. I'm lucky I got the smoker going when I did. It started to pour rain soon after. If you look at my avatar, that's my smoker. The rain had no effect on my temp due to the smoker being over a foot thick of fire brick. It holds temp through anything. Sure made it miserable to check it though. Now it's cleared out and sunny skys again. The ribs are up to 156 degrees and stinkin up the whole neighborhood. Couple more hours and it's time to eat. 8-)

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Looks good it stormed here a bit ago and the power went out for a few minutes

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That is a nice looking smoker, I bet it is it doesn't pull very well when doing comp's. 

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Can’t quite convince my wife I need one like that.

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Great looking smoker - cant wait to see the product

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Can't wait to see the Qview!  

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I'm sorry to say, I misplaced the camera card with the pics on it. I'll make it up next time. I wish it was mobile. I think I could make a fortune cookin in the Glamis sand dunes. (MY favorite place to play)

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