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I just bought my first smoker. Propane two door Master Built. Here's my question: Lowe's has a probe thermometer that I looked at. The probe is attached with a plastic covered wire. The back of the box specifically says not to pinch the wire. Before I go drilling a hole in the new smoker for the wire, can someone tell me if the pinch from the smoker door will actually be an issue? Haven't even taken the smoker out of the box. I don't see a flat cord on any thermometers that are suggested on the site (Taylor). Is a special hole for the wire just a fact of life when using it in a smoker? 

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Just feed the wire down thru the exhaust vent in the top of your smoker, No drilling required.

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My electric Masterbuilt 30 has a gasket seal.  I just let the wire come out the door.  The seal does not pinch it.  Down through the vent hole is a good idea also.

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Heck what is a 1/4" hole going to do toa smoker. Heck I drilled 2 holes in mine. oh yea welcome to SMF there Scruffy

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That's was my thinking too....of course I begin the modification process for everything with a hammer, drill or duct tape....thanks!

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Welcome & good luck

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welcome to SMF, let us know how it works out for ya

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