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Olive Oil during smoke

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I have been reading that people baste the chicken with olive oil or EVOO during the smoke.  I have never tried this before.  What effect does the olive oil have on the chicken?  Thanks.

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I use it to apply my rub, I don't eat the skin myself so not partial if it's crispy. If I want crispy skin I deep fry myself, that's just me.

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I would guess that the goal of the olive oil is to keep it moist.  I have only done chicken breasts and wrapped them in bacon .... came out very moist but I also do not eat the skin.

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When I'm striving for a crisp skin,good color, and moist, I'll use olive oil along with high heat. I've actually gotten the same results with an Italian zesty salad dressing. If it works for you, then fly with it. It's all good my friend.

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I use the high heat method for the crispy skin. I just turn up the fire and let her rip.

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same here, I'll do about 350 degrees, remove chicken and rest for 15 minutes, remove skin, throw skin back on hot smoker, carve chicken, then remove skin from smoker slice in thin strips and serve along side of the chicken.

You can place it fatty side up in a broiler for a few minutes but keep an eye on it.

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