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A Big Honkin' Smoked Pork Chop

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I've been too busy to smoke, grill or even cook anything I have been hungry for a real meal....

I slit the 2" chops before curing with a mixture of turbinado sugar and tenderquick. Gave them a quick 2 hour cure, then rinsed well..

Made a stuffing with jalapeno, corn, onion cornbread... using melted butter and chicken broth to bind...

Stuffed the cured/rinsed chops..

I smoked the chops with apple at 275F for the first 20 minutes then at 300F for the remaining time. (about 2 hours)

The apple smoked jalapeno cornbread stuffed chops, fried green tomatoes and some goodies from my garden.

After all of that anticipation I could only eat about one fourth of the chop and two tomatoes... The leftovers have been good though.

Thanks for looking. :)
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looks awesome cowgirl!!

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Fantastic pics like always!


Can you explain to me what the cure is doign to the pork chop for those 2 hours? I see a lot of people use Tenderquick for various reasons...i'm in the dark on all the curing stuff. thanks

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Again cowgirl AMAZING!!  What was that on the smoker next to the chops??

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Now thats a meal!

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Those look incredible - love the stuffing recipe - was that garlic in the foil or your dumplings

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Thank you Lucky!


Thunder... I like to use a quick cure on pork and chicken. It makes the meat moist. I use 1TBs of tenderquick mixed with 1 tsp of sugar for each pound of meat. It doesn't take long. An hour on chicken pieces is enough. I did 2 hours on these chops..they were 2" thick.

You have to rinse well after curing.  The cure adds salt so leave that out of your seasonings.

It's possible to leave the meat in the cure too long and get a "hammy" taste. So.. cure on the short side.   Thanks!!


Terry, Thank you!  That was my Apple Smoked Apple Dumplins..  They were really tasty too. :)



Meat...Thank you so much!


Thanks Scar!   Those were my Dumplins.

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I just got through eating and your making me hungry again. I love pork and stuffing, but never had it like this. Thanks for the idea.


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Thank you Dennis!


I was going to mention... here is the Morton Tender Quick site...


They have some tasty recipes using their cure.  I use their Canadian Bacon recipe of 1 TBs TQ combined with 1tsp of sugar.... It's good on a lot of different cuts of pork and chicken.


Thanks again friends!

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Now I was wondering what else was in the smoker with those apples. Stuffed chops YumO for sure.

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