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Dr. Pepper butt chicken with Qview

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 I just put a 5 lb. bird into the smoker. The can has Dr. Pepper, apple juice, crushed garlic, onion, a touch of sage, and coarse pepper in it. I lighly rubbed the bird with EVOO and sprinkled on some Grill Time poultry Seasoning.

 I am using a mix of apple and pecan, and smoking aroung 270F. Bird in the smoker 7-25-2010.jpg

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cant wait to see the finished pic! sounds delicious!!!

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 The bird was juicy and tasty. NO leftovers! Served with fresh salad, and corn just picked from the garden :)


plated chicken 7-25-2010.jpg


chicken out of smoker 7-25-2010.jpg

garden corn 7-25-2010.jpg

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That bird looks nice!  Throw that corn on the cob in the smoker!  I've smoked a couple batches recently and it was some moist and great corn on the cob.  

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Great looking yard bird.  I'm with DeanNC on the smoked corn...

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Now that is a great looking bird, and the corn looks great too. Congrats on a worthy smoke. It's all good my friend.

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that chicken looks so good

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wow! that bird looks great!!!! nice job.

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Looks great and fresh corn too heck ya

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Oh man... Looks great. Is that a good rub? I've got a beer butt chicken cook off against my dad this labor day, and I'm looking for any advantage I can.


Also, how long did it end up taking, just out of curiosity?

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