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Wings, ABTs, and Picnic shoulder.

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This was my second attempt at wings and my first w/ the ABTs.


Here is the assembly of the ABTs.  Thanks to my wife for helping w/ adding the bacon.

2010-07-17 12.41.11.jpg

Wings and ABTs just added.  I tried a new rub on half of the wings this time.  Chinese Five spice.  It is pretty good.



other side... more wings with my rub and a picnic shoulder.  This thing was on sale for 6$.  Had to pick it up and try.



And finally .. Thin blue smoke.



I kept everything on for a couple of hours.  Pulled the ABTs and ate them while the wings finished up.  As for the picnic, it turned out great and I gave it to my mother for babysitting that afternoon so we could attend a party.  Oh and the wings were a hit.


sorry that there are no more picts... I had a few brews and was tooooo busy eating..  maybe nexttime.

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Looks awesome! How long do you cook the wings, just out of curiosity?

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I think the wings were on for at least 2 hours at a temp around 220F.

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everything looks good well done

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Wow ABT's looked great! What recipie did you use for them?

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Just used some cream cheese w/ cheddar mixed in.  Put that in a zip lock bag and piped it into the japs.  I think laid some bacon over and held together w/ toothpick.


OH.. and they were really good!  I can't wait to do it again.  My neighbor and I were going to cook this weekend but it is supposed to be 101 deg.  by Saturday.  May just hold out and go to the pool.

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