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Smoking for the wifes family.

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Well I heading down to my wifes grandmas 90th Birthday party and Mazeppa days last weekend and since she was already down there doing one of her pharmacy rotations and I had to drive myself in my truck I figured heck that means I can bring my UDS down there. They all agreed it would be a great idea so my mother in law picked up 6 racks of baby back ribs and I rubbed them up the night before at my house so I didn't have to mess with all that down there. The plan was to get there around noon and have the ribs ready for supper around 6. Well the time changed three times for supper and we actually ended up eating around 10pm. No big deal I had my cooler and towels with so they stayed nice and hot for 3.5 hours or so. I didn't get any pics but my mother in law got a bunch at the party that night so I figured I would post them. They all loved and raved about the ribs through out the weekend which made me feel good. And I was telling them about my rib cook of at my family reunion later this summer and they said they already could tell who would win. hehe Good for me I guess. I also brought some smoked salmon which they all loved. Here are some pics.


Me putting some BBQ sauce on the ribs for the last hour.


Ribs 1.bmp


My cousin in the red insisted that the smoking guys had to save a few bones to sample while we wait for supper. Who was I to disagree.

Ribs 2.bmp


For some reason these pics are smaller. There is me after cutting up the ribs.

Ribs 3.jpg


Ribs 4.jpg


Ribs 5.jpg


Ribs 6.jpg


Ribs 7.jpg


Sorry about the small pics. I don't know why they are like that. My mother in law must have posted them differently on her face book than the first ones. All in all it was a great weekend and everyone had fun. I have already been told I have to bring the smoker down again for next year.




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Well it sure does look and sound like everyone had a great time. Now your ribs were the big hit and it does make you feel really good when they tell you and the really mean it. That they really loved your smoked ribs  and want some more. I bet you can't wiat to smoke something else for them now.

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Looks like they were a big hit nice job

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Yea might be heading down again this weekend to visit my wife and my cousin is already asking if I will help him build a smoker and teach him to smoke.

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Spreading the word -- good for you!!  Looks and sounds like you did a great job with the ribs.  Isn't it wonderful when people like the food you cook?  Besides the eating, it's one of my greatest joys of cooking/smoking. 


Nice pics of the family!

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