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First Brisket smoke.

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This was my first brisket that I did yesterday.  It turned out pretty well, but I used a store bought rub and it turned out to be really salty.  I believe I will make my own rub next time. I smoked it on my Brinkmann charcoal grill with hickory and oak.  It was smoked for about 6 hours at 225 degrees.  I was very happy with how juicy and tender it  was.   


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Looks great, I would eat it! Really nice Smoke ring!

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It looks great.


You can also use less of the rub next time. Or just modify the rub to bring down the sodium content.

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Yea some of those premixed rubs can be on the salty side. Especially some of the McCormick ones. The brisket lookes great though.

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It looks awesome nice smoke ring!!!

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6 hours wow i need to do one, how big was it? looks good too.

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That looks AWESOME !


Salty??---A couple beers usually helps.


I agree with RB. The only batch of Bacon I ever made that I had to soak & soak & soak after curing was with the "HI MT BBB" cure. When you use a "pre-mixed" rub, you don't know how much or what is in it. When you mix your own, you can make adjustments in future smokes.




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Yep, i'd hit that.

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looks really good i'll it tasted great

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Thanks, for the comments everyone.  I usually like to do my own rubs but I thought I would give this one a try, it was Weber Chicago Steak seasoning.  It had great flavor, it just needed to cut about 2/3 of the salt out of it.  I will use it again, just a little less of it.


It was 2 pounds.

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Now your brisket looks fabulous and I know it tasted awesome too. Now for your 6 hour smoke. Did you smoke it by time or temp?? We like to smoke by temp not time here.

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I went by temp.  I took it to around 160.

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