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Wings Wings Wings

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Well i decided to smoke up some wings today...Cut them into sections and somehow managed to fit all of them on the one wsm grate...Threw in some applewood..A friend of mine won a weber smokey joe gold about a year ago and i saw it at his house still in the box.Talked him out of it..Cooked some breast on it last night, thing works awesome..Weber really makes a good product..I have the blue weber performer on the way from amazon as we speak...So i will have a slew of webers.Anyway, i digress, i'm gonna smoke the wings and then roll them in some franks hot sauce with butter and honey.. Then im gonna fire up the smokey joe and grill them at high heat for a few minutes to crisp up the skin and to cook the sauce onto them....More pics as they go.Have a great day and happy smokes.






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Looks like a great start to a grilling feast. It's all good my friend.

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Very nice! I love wings and those look tasty!!! (yes, even raw they look tasty!!!)


One thing I have done in the past, when grilling wings, is to coat them with baking powder 24 hours before the grilling...then, add seasoning before they go on...


It makes the wings come out almost as if they had been fried, but soaks in the flavor of the grill!!! Works great for baking wings too!


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I have 10 lbs to go on later today. Cant wait to see how they turn out.

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Typical Fla afternoon..Thunderstorms all over ..Raing hard.. The WSM is high and dry...With the help of a $10 canopy..Wings after 1 hour...



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Looking good, I am not that far away in Cedar Key. See ya in a bit.

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where did you get the 10 dollar canopy? i want one for that price, i had two nice ones get ruined from high winds that come out of nowhere, so i said i would never but one again but for that price i would.

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Hey Pand, get them at our local winn dixie...After the summer season they put them on clearance sales., I have lost a few to high winds during thunderstorms too...But for 10 bucks, i dont mind.In fact i almost lost this one while cooking today...Luckily i was under it when it happened and I just held on for dear life...Re-tied it  after the winds died down...Here are the last pics....


Off the smoker and sauced up



On to the smokey joe for some high heat



Makes some great grill marks and crispy skin..Thx for looking..I gotta eat now



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mmmmm wing time!!! they look good

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Those look mighty fine.

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Those look awesome Mike My invitation must have got lost in the mail

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They look great.

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Now those are some mighty fine looking wings you have there Mike. Now I can see maybe why you did sent jerry a invite but dang it I'm right across town. Then I could have brought the fixins too. Oh weel good job anyway.

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Nice looking wings.....Makes me wanna reach in a get one or eight!

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Good smokes are coming off that new smoker of yours, Mike. Great looking wings!!

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Very Nice! I bet the tasted as good as they look!



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I"ll bring beer

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Outstanding job on the wings Mike !




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Dang those wings are still looking good 2 months later!  Great job!  

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Wow they look great! How long did you have them on there for? What was your smoker Temp? What kind of ratio do you use for your sauce? Sorry for all the questions but they look so good I want to try and make them. 

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