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More smokey flavor from my mes?

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having issues with getting good smokey flavor from my mes. I was wondering if some chips are better than others, i have tried hickory,apple,and mesquite. I didnt want to oversmoke and create creosote on my food i dont soak my chips either. The temp i use for smoking is 225 i think its hot enough. Has anyone else had peoblems with this or is it just me ? If you have had these problems what did you do to fix it? thanx for all your help you guys have been a great asset to me o btw the meat is cooked nicely just need more smoke.

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Define what you mean by "good smokey flavor".  I get plenty of smoke and have to restrain from using too much wood because it can get over smoked in my old model 30" MES with the vent wide open.  Are you not getting enough smoke or is the smoke flavor unpleasant?


When I"m blowing white smoke after the addition of chips or chunks I pull the chip loader out a 1/2 inch or so and that increase the amount of air moving into and out of the smoker.  When it starts to calm down to TBS I closer back up.  I guess I'm trying to minimize the creosote taste you can pick up from too much white smoke.

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By good smokey flavor i mean its not strong enough would like it to taste smokier seem to get plenty of smoke but it doesnt seem to grab on to the meat is the best way i can describe it

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Hey there Billham.  I feel Mesquite is a strong smoke & Hickory is decent.  Maybe you should move up to White Oak / Oak.  In my experiences to date, Oak is the strongest wood to me.  But you have an electric smoker, so I don't know if it is actually the wood that you are using or something else.  I am just suggesting Oak for now.  Someone else with an electric smoker will hopefully come along & chime in with some other suggestions.  I hope something works out for you.  Good luck.

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When your wood chips are ignited and the smoke is light and has a sweet smell, you know your kissing that meat correctly with smoke.  You would be surprised by how little chips can deliver big smoke flavor.  There have been a couple of SMF members that have switched from either charcoal SFB or another type charcoal smoker, because they're MES was smoking up meat that tasted better and had more flavor.


I use 8 to 12 chips.  You can also try chips + a couple larger chunks.  I used to have some great chunks but am out and my local sources don't stock them any more.  Also you can try using both the chips tray + "A-MAZE-N-SMOKER", the combination should do the trick.

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