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Best WOOD for BB Ribs AND Boneless Rib Roast (at the same time)

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A bit overwhelmed by the new site look and didn't know where to put this.


Can  anybody recommend a wood that will be great for both beef & pork at the same time? Here are my choices I have:


Hickory chunks


All the rest are chips:




Hickory (again, smaller pieces)

BBQ U's Beef Blend (Hickory, Oak & Mesquite)



I also have Apple Pellets.


I was also wondering if I should try staggering types, like starting everything with hickory or pecan and then when the ribs get foiled try adding the beef blend for an hour or two, not sure how that would work shuffling everything with other responsibilities today too.


The boneless rib roast is small and the brand recommends removing around 100 degrees or less(!!!) which shocked me. I have made it in the past & removed at 125-130 and that only took about 3 hours so it will get done before the baby backs.

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I think hickory and or cherry would serve you well with that combo. Let us know what you decide.

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I have been staggering my chunks for a couple days now - once I received my assorted wood species. I like staggering and stacking. :)



Good luck

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I like hickory or pecan myself

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Me, I use maple a lot.

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I use apple about 80%of the time in my smokers. Now from your choices I would use cherry with a mixture of pecan. I think that would be a good combonation for you. Butthere again it's a personal thing. I like this she likes that.

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Thanks ellymae, I used about a quarter cup of the smaller cherry chips and 1 or 2 hickory chunks and the roast was done (130*) in a little over 2hrs at 225*. The flavor was great! The prep was really basic, just soy sauce, black pepper and my own homemade garlic powder in a vacuum pump ziploc overnight.


Then after unfoiling the BB ribs, for the last hour I added a small amount of the apple pellets. They should be done any minute now...

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Sorry I missed all the other replies! I saved the page for next time though, thanks everyone!


FLbobecue, do you mean you stack them, literally? I have a Masterbuilt Electric and the chute is on the side and you insert into the chute, put the chute back into the smoker and then twist the handle to dump everything into the chip tray.


AK1, I forgot I also have Sugar Maple pellets, I forgot the company but bought their cast iron little pot & lid for grilling and had an assortment of pellets: mesquite, hickory, apple, sugar maple and Jack Daniels. All I think I have left from them is sugar maple. When I ran out of the apple. I bought a huge bag of I think Traeger apple pellets when Cabela's had a really cheap shipping sale.


Warren, I loved the pecan when I made a turkey breast for Thanksgiving, it was just me and my mom and neither of us like dark meat. I brined it overnight first.


Mark, do you use apple universally, or mostly for pork? I have more pounds of apple pellets than any other wood but haven't tried with beef.

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