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Fattie Fest!

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Had a fattie fest lastnight.  Tried hamburger instead of sausage and while the wife liked it better, I'm a sausage guy it seems.


Made 4 of em, and I tried the 1lb of meat to a 1 gallon ziplock and wow!! Thats the way to go.


food 024.jpg


The 4 are as follows:


food 030.jpg

1: Stuffed with fetta, blue cheese, parmesean, garlic, spinach and a dabble of raspberry walnut vinegarette then topped with that powder parmesean stuff.


food 031.jpg

2: Pizza! Mozerella, parmesean, garlic, genoa salami and hard salami topped with powdered parmesean.


food 032.jpg

3: All american cookout fattie. Colby cheese, hot dogs and saurkraut.


food 033.jpg

4: Bacon cheese burger.  Bacon, bbq sauce, colby and pepper jack cheese.


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Those are four great looking fatties!

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Very good looking fatties. You are making me hungry.

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awesome looking fatties....

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good looken fattys ya got there i am gonna make the bacon cheese burger one

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They look great and great pics too, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the comments guys, so far these are my personal choice of what to smoke.


Ya'll in trouble when they get the kinks worked outta uploading smell-a-vision!

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Great looking fattys! Nice smoke ring on them.

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Kudos dude, they all look awesome!!!

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yes those are some really good looking fatties there Lugz. Now I do like your chioce of fatties fillings too I think that the Pizza one is my favorite and your photograhic skills really shine also.

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Thanks Pandemonium & Mark!  I fight with the lighting in my kitchen, and the color of the table doesn't help much as its a golden brown, makes things wanna come out yellow!


The hot dog and kraut sounds funky, but if you serve it topped with some of the left over kraut and a dash of mustard..DELISH!


The bbq bacon cheese burger is heaven on a  bun with some extra bbq sauce onion and tomatoes!  The fattie sammich

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Great job there lug,


I gota say tho, since I'm all about meat and tators, I have to vote #1 as the cheese burger then #2 for the pizza.


It sounds like you have had a fattie experience as I have.


My first one ended up with almost 2.5 lbs YIKES it was bigger then a meat loaf!!!!


Awesome Job.

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Tom if ya look deeper into the fattie forum you will see my very first post ( before I knew much ) I made 2 that were 1.5lbs each and had no idea how thick to roll it out.  Those were great fatties and not much different in size than the 1lb'ers but much thicker LOL.

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Man lug, you surly out did me on the first time fattie. Mine was big as a tissue box and was not worthy of taking a pic after I cut it open. It tasted good just not picture material after it was cut.



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Lugnutz, nicely done man! Those look outstanding!

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those looked great

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Should be #1   4: Bacon cheese burger.  Bacon, bbq sauce, colby and pepper jack cheese.


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Awesome!!! Thanks for posting the pics.

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Kudos!!! Great great great looking fatties. They are just simple and delicious. Thanks for the pics I bet they were wonderful!!

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Nice Fatties! Thank's for making me hungry now

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